Globe Telecom to Bid for Red Mobile’s 3G Spectrum

In Q1 of 2011, the Philippines telco juggernaut PLDT, announced that it will acquire 51.55% of Digitel’s stake — amounting to Php 69.2 billion at the time the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) approved the acquisition late last year. The acquisition raised concerns among subscribers for possible monopoly of telecom services, however, NTC has set conditions before it approved the PLDT-Digitel merger. One of such conditions is for PLDT to continue the “unlimited” offers of Sun Cellular, the country’s third largest mobile carrier which was then a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitel.

Red Mobile

Another significant condition set by NTC is for PLDT to surrender to the regulator one of the 3G frequencies licensed to Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc. (CURE), or more popularly known as Red Mobile. Red Mobile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart Communications, a mobile and internet service provider in the country which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT as well. (more…)

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The iPhone 5 Design is Almost Deciphered [Photos and Video]

Apple is expected to launch comes September its 6th-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 (ain’t there a better name?) – and while we have seen several leaked images in the past few weeks which suggest the handset’s design, it’s only this time that we can already decipher how, at least the phone’s external build, looks like. The new images that surfaced in the interwebs today — courtesy of iLab Factory, an iPhone repair shop based in Japan — show a purported Black model of the iPhone 5. So how it does exactly looks like? Well, it’s like this:

iPhone 5 Front

Evidently, that rumoured 19-pin mini dock connector seems to be true as seen in the bottom part of the handset. And if indeed this is the real design, the 3.5mm audio jack has been moved to the bottom as well, just beside the left speaker. The volume rockers are still on the same location, together with the mute switch of the left of the handset. (more…)

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