Nokia Lumia 930 goes Official with 20 Megapixel camera, Windows Phone 8.1

It seems like Nokia is really serious into getting back the glory they once had a couple of years back, before the whole iPhone–and Android era. With Microsoft’s acquisition of the Finnish company, we’ve seen a whole range of Nokia Lumia devices, from an entry level phone to high end ones, powered by non other than the Windows Phone OS. No more than 12 hours ago, Nokia released their latest flagship phone, the Nokia Lumia 930, together with 2 other devices–the Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 which you can read about here.

Lumia 930

Taking the flagship status from last year’s Lumia 1020, the Lumia 930 may not come with a camera shooter as big as the former, but it does come with a whole bunch of other spec bumps that will surely make Nokia and Windows Phone fans very thrilled about the phone. And just a heads up, the Lumia 930 is pretty much the international GSM version with LTE capabilities of the Nokia Lumia Icon, an exclusive device for Verizon subscribers in the US.


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