3 iPhone and 3 iPad Models Revealed on iOS 4.3 Source Code

3 iPhone and 3 iPad Models Revealed on iOS 4.3 Source Code

Apple’s iPad has been released officially here in the Philippines just a month ago or more than 9 months since the tablet was launched in the US.
The release was delayed quite long, leaving Apple fans a second thought whether to buy the first iPad models or just wait until the 2nd-generation tablet from Apple is released. It has already been speculated that iPad 2G will be launched in the US sometime in the first or second week of April, and for the sake of those who planned to buy the first-gen model – I think you’d love to hear that there are 3 more iPad models coming as revealed on iOS 4.3 which was released for developers yesterday.

Our friends at Engadget dug unto the source code of iOS 4.3 and they got, well, not much precious as the gold mine revealing Apple secrets of its future devices lineup.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are those identifiers for the future iPhone and iPad models. iPad 2,1 could be the Wi-Fi version of the 2nd-gen iPad or iPad 2G. The Wi-Fi with 3G support 2nd–gen iPad is referred as iPad 2,2. And the iPad 2,3 could be the CDMA iPad 2G version.

On the other note, iPhone 4,1 could be a GSM-based iPhone 5; and iPhone 4,2 could be the CDMA-based iPhone 5. iPhone 3,3 still leaves a mystery- but a wild guess is, it could be the next iPhone 4 without a Home button. Weird, isn’t it? Not exactly, because BGR got an exclusive report that the next iPad will be losing the Home button. If so, functionalities of the Home button can be achieved through the Multi-Touch gestures added on iOS 4.3 firmware; and since the iPhone will also support the multi-touch feature on iOS 4.3 – it could be possible that iPhone 3,3 actually refers to iPhone 4 without Home button. Interesting.

So, that leaves us to expect Apple to release at least 6 more devices (3 iPhone models, 3 iPad models) in the future. Just in case you ask if iPod Touch 4G will still have another sibling, I think I’m safe to say “Yes”. We’ve actually read similar story before. What do you think?

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