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5 Best Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

Flappy Bird will try to get to your nerve and make you addicted into it at the same time. This brings back everyone’s nostalgia over family computers where bricked graphics and blunt sound effects were the mainstream. The reason why everyone’s hooked with this insanely infuriating game is its simple yet difficult game play – trying to get a flapping bird through a Super Mario-like pair of pipes.

Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

Just like any other endless-running or endless flapping (in Flappy Bird’s case) games in the App Store and Google Play, the game play is not to stay alive but to flap long enough and get through as many pipes possible. We listed 5 tips and tricks you ought to know before you jump into this craze.

1. Get slight advantage using an Android Device

One thing I’ve noticed when I’m playing with Android over iOS is the ease of controlling the bird. Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, says so. Using a tablet or other devices with bigger screen real estate will also give you an advantage. However, a software fix will be rolled out to the Android version to level the slight “platform favoritism.”

2. Relax and have a Rhythm

The key here is to have a sound mind and rhythm in your tapping pattern. Try to see when and where the bird will jump when you tap the screen. A good tapping pattern could help you control the altitude of the bird. Plus, Tapping at the bottom of the screen is a good way to maintain the rhythm.

3. Measure Bird Jumps

You should also know how the high or low the bird jumps once you tap the screen. Once you have a good grip to your bird, you can mark the areas for your bird to jump to avoid the pipes.

4. Prepare for Extreme Pipes

Extreme high and low pipes are the deadliest part of the game. The key here is the same in number 3. Once you know how your bird reacts to your tapping, dropping from extreme high pipes to low pipes is easy. Avoid doing double jumps, they normally bring you doom. The technique here is to do a free-fall, make your bird jump when you’re at the mouth of the lower pipe and tap again go to the next free space.

5. Take a Break

When the game is causing you negative vibes, try to take deep breathes. Look into other apps for a minute or two then go back to Flappy Bird. Remember that the purpose of these games is to relive you from stress not to add tension to it.

A gamer instinct would tell you to keep your bird in the middle of the free spaces so that you could easily control it when the pipes are on your way. Try to keep you phone in silent mode while playing to keep you relaxed and tension free. In the end, those worth-sharing medals will be your recognition for successfully tolerating this game.

Do you have your own Flappy Bird tips and tricks? Hit us with your comment below.


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