5 Ways the Apple iPad Will Change Blogging

5 Ways the Apple iPad Will Change Blogging

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Apple’s iPad is poised to change the computing world. Already with the most revolutionary devices in the history of computers, Apple is building on the strengths of its iPod and iPhone to produce the first mobile tablet computer.

As Apple targets the fledgling netbook computer market, it has set its sights on completing on the ebook market, especially against Amazon’s Kindle, to make it the premier platform for reading and writing. Already, many people read books, magazines, and newspapers in electronic format.

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We also have a large number of people posting to Twitter and Facebook via mobile devices. With the advent of iPad, we now can look forward to the advent of truly mobile blogging, but the impact of the iPad won’t stop there. Through its powerful ebook functionality and new initiatives to feed it with millions of volumes to choose from, the book appears set to re-emerge as the world’s premier information source. Here are five ways the Apple iPad will change blogging through the evolution of books.

1. The advent of the Book Log: if the iPad revolutionizes books the way many analysts anticipate, we are likely to find book-logs, collections of book snippets found across the web that are compiled and commented on much the same way that Web blogs started the blogging phenomenon. The discussions about various passages of books would then be picked up by Google and we could have a dramatic expansion of blogging opportunities for modern users. In this kind of scenario, we envision the ability to flag book topics and passages right from your iPad to send to your book-log blog, much in the same way as you can send Web content straight to a blog right now.

2. Targeting Google: no matter how the Web changes those who blog will always depend on search engine technology like Google’s to get their message out. The new book-logs that are envisioned by many will depend on Google as well. When book portions are posted and commented, they will be indexed for relevance by their bibliographic references and citations.

3.eBook Authors: if the iPad brings about this new world of book logs, you will find that while bloggers strive for search engine relevance, so will book authors. By writing for search engine optimization much like bloggers write, authors will be trying to make their books rise in visibility so it will get referenced by more of the new book-logger.

4. Book Sales: the new age of the iPad will possibly revolutionize the way books are referenced and discussed, but it will also push to a new age of book sales. As things now stand, users can get introductory chapters and samples of books that will try to get them sold on the entire volume. Still, to get one chapter, a customer has to buy the whole book; much like for music people would purchase the entire record to get one song. Just as customers can now buy one song at a time, the future bodes that we will be able to purchase one chapter of a book, not the entire book. This possibility will open up a whole new way bloggers have to generate revenue: they can link to sites that will sell their entire book, but they can also market only the book sections that they reference in their articles.

5. Saving books: for years we have recognized how books have been left behind in the Information Age. Many massive projects have been undertaken to scan and digitize books, while virtually all newer books have been produced with both electronic and digital editions. eBook readers came next, and now the iPad, with its powerful memory and mobile connectivity stands to become the first universal ebook reader and book-blog tool. It is the availability of this one device that could restore power to rekindle one of the most powerful information mediums ever invented.

This guest post was written by Tom Walker who writes and designs for specialist in cartridge next day for the UK. He edits and contributes posts about printed media and design on their blog, CreativeCloud.   

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