8 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

8 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

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Most experts will agree it is not the quantity of Twitter followers that counts as much as the quality.
While it is important to acquire a large Twitter following for many purposes, including branding and marketing, the basic truth is it is more beneficial to have Twitter followers who are targeted, or at least interested in the topics on which you are focused.

Twitter Followers

In Twitter, more than any other online social medium, patience is truly a virtue. It takes time to build a list of Twitter followers, because Twitter is more than just a bulletin board of activities. It is more about relationships and relevant content; more about interaction between people from all walks of life with common interests and experiences.

In order to maximize your Twitter following and add people who will be truly interested in what you have to offer, the suggestions below can help:

1. Start with an intriguing and interesting bio. Twitter allows you 160 characters to pitch yourself, so make it good. This is a chance to make a first impression with impact, and if you catch someone’s attention with an engaging bio, chances are they will follow you to see if your Tweets are just as interesting. Include a link to your website, so your potential followers can check you out.

2. Interact with people who have similar interests. Add yourself to various Twitter directories, such as wefollow.com or Twellow.com. With these directories, you can find people with similar interests and tag yourself for others to find.

3. Invite friends from your various email accounts to follow you on Twitter. This is an often overlooked way to get targeted Twitter followers, and it’s easy to implement. These are people who are already familiar with you and what you have to offer, and are very likely to follow your fascinating Tweets.

4. Link your Twitter account everywhere you interact online. This includes your email signature, forum signatures, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, and of course, your blog.

5. Become a fan of re-tweeting other people’s content, and hopefully they will return the favor. Keep your characters around 125 so re-tweeting is easier. Provide funny, interesting, or helpful information so your Twitter followers will be more inclined to re-tweet your content, and your name will reach all the people on your follower’s lists, potentially garnering more Twitter followers for your account.

6. Interact with trending topics and participate in current conversations. Twitter is all about conversation, and by engaging in relevant and current topics you may attract Twitter followers interested in what you have to say.

7. Use an engaging photo on your Twitter profile. Most people tend to gravitate toward an actual photo rather than an abstract avatar, because people love to put a face with the name and personality. Remember, Twitter is all about people connections.

8. Utilize offline as well as online avenues. Make sure your Twitter ID appears on your business cards or any fliers or brochures you may use in your business. Get creative, and put it on a t-shirt, a license plate, or make sure you bring it up in casual conversation. You never know when you might reach someone, and you don’t have to be online to do it.

The main thing to keep in mind is Twitter is a unique social medium that harnesses the power of people and relationships. It takes time to build up a relevant following, and more numbers doesn’t always mean more success. A large amount of followers may help your business, but only if they are targeted Twitter followers and not just there for the numbers. Interaction is paramount and will lead to more success than a large number of followers that don’t know you and could not care less about who you are and what you represent.

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