Aboitiz Power Alter Space Facebook Game Brings Awareness to Saving Mother Nature

Aboitiz Power Alter Space Facebook Game Brings Awareness to Saving Mother Nature

Aboitiz Power unveiled Saturday at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, the first Filipino-made Facebook game with an environmental advocacy.
Alter Space is a social networking game which aims to bring awareness on how people can lower carbon footprint and help preserve the Earth’s resources. Aboitiz Power, one of the major players in the Philippine power industry, also had a chance to introduce its own brand of clean and renewable energy called Cleanergy.

The Alter Space

The Alter Space Game

Like any other Facebook game applications, Alter Space has been designed with similar programming concepts with other casual games. But what brings Alter Space unique to the social crowd is its advocacy and cause to saving Mother Nature. Basically, the game could be another portal in the most popular social networking site to learning practical tips in an environment-friendly living as it let gamers know more about “carbon footprint” and how they can help lower its concentration in a day-to-day activities.

Playing Alter Space

Got to play again Alter Space the other day (Oh yeah, I’ve already played it before last Saturday’s event), and I realized it’s one of the most enjoyable activities everyone on Facebook should engage with, as far as casual games are concerned. Read on the synopsis below, hit this link to play the game, and do let us know what you think about it.

In Alter Space, you not only have your own virtual home but an entire planet to take care of. The choices you make during the game will determine whether your planet has more or less total carbon emissions. The objective of the game is to make choices and fulfill tasks that will increase your Happiness Level while ensuring that carbon emissions are kept to a safe amount.

You must fulfill certain tasks (cooking, taking a shower, buying food, going to the park, shopping, watching TV, using the computer, etc.) in order to increase his or her Happiness Level. Every time the Happiness Level reaches 100 per cent, your avatar goes up one game level. The game goes up to Level 5.

You must continuously earn “Currency” during the game. This is done by playing various mini-games. These mini-games involve harvesting energy from alternative sources: a solar power plant, a geothermal plant and a hydro-electric plant—all of which provide energy without carbon emissions.

Alter Space also includes details and touches that showcase Filipino culture, like buying food from a “turo-turo”; playing sungka; or using a pamaypay or fan, and many others.

Some practical tips you learn in Alter Space are: a) Using natural sunlight to brighten your house as much as possible; b) Using energy-saving light bulbs in the house; c) Using a pail of water when you bathe, instead of the shower; d) Using an LCD television set instead of the old CRT TVs; LCD TVs consume less energy and result in less carbon emissions.

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