Apple iPhone Mini to Follow Suit iPad Mini this 2013?

Apple iPhone Mini to Follow Suit iPad Mini this 2013?

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A different kind of iPhone for 2013—that’s what many smartphone enthusiasts are thinking of buying this year. And you may be one of them. Well, the iPhone Mini is probably what you want. And here are probable reasons why.

Super Affordable but Unique

The Apple iPhone Mini rumored to be either on Apple’s drawing boards or ready to be out sometime this year, is said to be very affordable and yet having some features yet unknown in the world of smartphones. Across the globe there is this talk about a “cheap” iPhone coming out soon and christened the iPhone Mini. It is said to have been in the making since 2009.

iPhone Mini

So, what are the implications of a cheap iPhone in the Philippines? For one, people here may worry less about bringing with them out in the streets a super expensive iPhone that may cost them their lives once mobile phone thieves take interest in them. 🙂 It’s easier to let go off a cheap iPhone during a stickup. Another, it can be some sort of equalizer; smartphones will not have to divide folks between the rich and poor. And iPhones being confiscated in class won’t be that big a deal anymore for students. No, I’m just kidding about that. Really! 🙂

Seriously, cheap but extra functional phones in 2013 will get the needed features into more hands and make life and connections for many folks in the country much easier, more convenient, and affordable. Not to mention being in style.

But how “cheap” will it be, really? Well, rumors have it that its first price offer will be at $200 each, or roughly Php 8,000 each, if the exchange rate pegs to 1:40 (plus fees and taxes). This is supposed to slow down the sales pace of Android handsets, says one report. Now, add to this another rumor that Apple is working on a super SIM, which others dub as “Universal SIM.” The idea is a connect-to-all GSM networks without changing SIM cards, a kind of connection-spree. Imagine having that in your iPhone, all inclusive for only Php 8,000 or so, and that for a 3.5-inch (or smaller) sized handset.

Another rumor is this alleged new redesigned software that would allow iPhone users choose a network and reconfigure their phone accordingly, minus the need for any carrier. An iPhone inclusive of all that for just Php 8k? Sounds cheap enough, eh?

When Will It be Available?

It was supposed to be available in 2011, according to Reuters and Wall Street Journal. Neil Mawston, analyst for Strategy Analytics, on the other hand said in 2009 that the iPhone Mini should come out three years hence, and that means 2013. However, Mawston is also quoted in other interviews as saying iPhone Mini is bound to come out in 2014. Why 2014? The analyst thinks that year will witness Apple’s quasi market saturation and thus an apt time to introduce something new and refreshing to the world. As it is, iPhone 5 is reportedly making lucrative business for Apple.

Like any other rumors and speculations we’ve encountered in the past, it’s only a matter of time until Apple confirms it’s indeed prepping a smaller iPhone. If it does, surely it could be a hit for the masses, though Apple seems not to make a huge margin out of it. [via]

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    as of now Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wifi price range is 16 up.

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