Handy Backup – Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

Handy Backup – Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

Handy backup is ready to help you with keeping your valuable information safe.
Breakdown of hardware, data corruption, malware, unwanted file changing by mistake – this list is very long, but every point of it can appear to be a real trouble and cause loss of data. To prevent the bad consequences of such cases, to insure your precious information, you need strong backup software.

If you have a laptop or desktop working under Windows OS or a Windows Server enterprise network, Handy Backup by Novosoft LLC is a great solution for automatic data backup and recovery, including server backup and database backup. It is very user-friendly and flexible, you can easily backup files with a perfect for you strategy.

Handy Backup
  • Handy Backup has an adaptable scheduler. You can set up your backup tasks to run daily, weekly, monthly or with any period you want. The program will do it automatically, not requiring your attention.
  • The utility can backup files and folders, and many types of specific data such as Desktop, Windows settings, e-mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express), instant messengers.
  • Handy backup supports different data storages including optical and hard disks, USB drives, FTP servers. Novosoft also offers a Remote Backup Service to store your data to a special backup server that provides security and reliability.
  • It can run full, incremental and mirror backup with the opportunity of synchronizing data between computers. Backup files compression and encryption are also included to program’s features. The program can work as a service for Windows and supports time stamps and e-mail notification.
  • No limits for data level for one backup task. You can back up and restore large amounts of information in one task.
  • Handy Backup has a lot of plug-ins to let you easily back up all data and settings related with your favourite applications. And besides, you can make your own plug-ins!
  • A rich amount of functions for database backup. It allows to easily back up and restore MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS Access or any other database compatible with ODBC. Handy Backup runs hot database backup which means a database doesn’t have to be stopped for performing backup.
  • Easy administering of backup process makes Handy Backup a great solution for both individual and enterprise backup. For corporate local networks Novosoft LLC presents Handy Backup Server, that provides server backup and rich facilities in database backup. It also includes MS Exchange backup and Lotus backup. Administrator doesn’t have to install workstation agents to all computers in the net manually; it’s possible to do it from his place.

Handy Backup is effective, strong, reliable and easy to use software for automated data backup, synchronization and recovery. It has many awards and certification logos and supports a lot of languages. Novosoft LLC is a Microsoft, IBM and Oracle partner due to an excellent product – Handy Backup.

A free 30-days trial including all features is here: www.handybackup.net

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