Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal Facebook Virus | Spam Friends

Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton Sex Scandal Facebook Virus | Spam Friends

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I hate this! Really. Just today, three of my Facebook friends shared a video on my Facebook profile; a video which I don’t want to appear on my Facebook wall.
Maybe I need to modify my privacy settings. But such idea won’t guarantee that Facebook spamming applications won’t automatically update my wall anymore.

What I’m talking is an illegitimate Facebook app which says: Barack Obama EXPOSED on Facebook. This app is perfectly another spam like the “Who is Viewing Your Album App” and “Facebook / Focebook Antivirus”. The Barack Obama EXPOSED app will automatically update your wall which says that a friend of yours shared a must-see video. I personally thought at first that I was tagged again, but checking the title of the video is surprising. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Screenshot from my FB wall

What I did?

I contacted three of my friends if they really posted a video on my wall. It’s surprising though, that they all denied- saying that they didn’t posted anything on my Facebook wall. I realized it’s another spam, using the big names of the world! This could be another virus, but I still have to confirm this from a reliable source.

What you need to do?

If you receive a notification from Facebook that a FB friend shared a video, check out your FB wall. If you see the illegitimate app similar to the screenshot above, don’t click any link. Just remove it from your wall so that your friends won’t be able to see the app. Don’t try to play the video!

If you are using Facebook, be careful of choosing the app you want to become a fan with. Read the reviews of the app before using it. I suggest you check it first at the Facebook application directory if it’s legitimate or not. Or else, you will end up spamming your friends like this one.


Facebook has no update yet what kind of malware is this. But it’s clear that Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton Scandal is a virus. Some says that this is identical to Koobface, a malicious computer worm that targets the users of the social networking websites which ultimately attempts, upon successful infection, to gather sensitive information from Facebook users.

Update2: July 14, 2010
There’s a new hoax spreading in Facebook associated with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton virus. Read it here: Facebook Knob Face Virus, a Hoax

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