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So, you are using Blogger- right? And you are looking for another alternative commenting system to replace the default Blogger comments.
I have been into that situation actually for more than a year of using this platform. Choosing the best commenting system for you to use really needs some experiment though, but you can take this post into consideration.

I have listed here 3 commenting systems that are widely used on different Blogger blogs. I’ve tried integrating the two of these on this blog, and obviously I still stick to one I think really the best.

1. Disqus – this commenting system is very easy to install on popular blogging platforms including Blogger. Features include comment threading and pagination, commenter profile, support Gravatar, and blend to the background color of your blog. With Disqus, you can also place widgets like Top Commenters, Recent Comments, and popular threads. Users can also reply comments via email. You can learn more about Disqus here.

2. Intense Debate – integration to blogs is also easy. Users can reply via email, login using open ID or Twitter, etc. This is just almost similar to Disqus except its support to the popular Commentluv. Check out all the features of ID here.

3. JS-Kit – this was formerly called Halloscan. This is also very easy to install on popular blogging platform as it requires less programming skills. It utilizes Akismet spam control. It provides rich text control, allow users to embed Youtube videos, also support Gravatar, allow trackbacks and pingbacks, etc. You can check more of its features here.


I’ve tried using JS-Kit before, but I switched to Disqus. I realized Disqus is better than JS-Kit and it’s free. Intense Debate is just similar to Disqus; the only advantage of ID is the Commentluv support. If you have plan of using CL, I suggest you use ID. I personally like using CL, but I didn’t switch to ID because Commentluv developer is currently working on integrating Disqus and CL. Until now, I am still using Disqus which I think the best commenting system for Blogger.

Also check out how to handle problems on commenting system.

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