Free Smart and Globe Internet Using Cell Phone as MoDem

Smart and Globe free mobile internet browsing is actually accomplished using an installed Opera Mini browser on mobile phones.

Free Browsing to All Networks is also possible.

Have you ever tried browsing the internet with a 3G MoDem? Probably, YES- but using the SmartBro 3G Wireless Kit from Smart Communications. How about using a 3G Cellular Phone? Probably, YES also using iPhone 3G- but of course with a flat rate. How about using your 3G Phone, but with your wallet shutoff? Ehhhmmm… Sounds like crazy, right? But since I am not that kind of person who keep on hiding tricks, maybe you are diverted into the right place.

I will try to share you this “HaK”- LOL, wrong spelling… You are going to have a free mobile internet access, not availing a promo but through the use of your 3G mobile phone and a few tweaks on your computer. In your setup, the phone acts as MoDem. The setup is applicable for both Smart and Globe.

What you need:

  • At least one peso balance in your prepaid account (Smart Users). It won’t connect if it’s zero.
  • Globe users zero balance is right enough! I tried it this way and it really works.
  • A cellphone (with GPRS or 3G) with good signal. (Activate GPRS for Smart: SET (fonemodel) send to 211; Activate GPRS in Globe: GO (fonemodel) send to 2951.)
  • Nokia PC suite (any version)
  • Internet browser like Opera Mini 4, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Data Cable (I prefer it for faster connection). It’s only 60 pesos in CD-R King.

How to do:

1. Connect your modem-capable cellphone, e.g N70, N82, etc – mine is N6120. Haven’t tried any brand so, I can’t comment. You can explore anyway.
2. Run Nokia PC Suite.
3. Click “Connect to the Internet” Icon. It will automatically connect. You cannot cancel it so just wait for it to error. Click Configure. Choose your Phone Modem in the Drop down dialogue box.
4. Click Next. Tick Configure Manually. Enter APN.
for Globe users:
for Smart: internet
6. Open your Browser and edit the following settings. I tired it with Firefox and Opera 9.62.

For Opera:

  • Select Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Network>Proxy Servers> Check only HTTP
  • Enter port 80 or port 80. Click Ok.
  • Go to ‘Content’. Uncheck Javascript and Java. Click OK.
  • In the Address bar type: for Globe and for Smart; and wait for the site to load. It is the or ndblock site. It masks your IP ad so you can browse undetected. In their site your can find address box to enter URL.
  • Enter your desire URL like,,, etc. But the capability of the proxy site is only limited. Sometimes, you cannot log-in to friendster even if you can click the log-in button. Sometimes pages are incomplete. Once you got the site working, you can now Enable your javascript to have a best view of the sites.

For Firefox:

  • Select Tools Menu>Options>Click Content>Uncheck Enable Javascript
  • Select Advanced tab>Network>Settings> Check Manual proxy config>Enter or in the HTTP Proxy box.
  • Input Port 80 then Check ‘Use this proxy for all protocols’. Click Ok, then OK again in the Options Window.

In the address box, type for Globe and for Smart

Once the proxyster or ndblock site loaded, Look for the URL box and enter or or anything you want. Remember that some sites cannot display properly like blogger. But I was able to make the buttons work by checking the Javascript options.

One more thing, You CANNOT watch videos online with these proxies but you can make downloads.

I had also experienced that I was taken to an APACHE site. When this happens, change the to when you’re using globe.

Smart Users, just try and try. Sometimes it gives error but that ain’t true, just refresh. Sometimes it’s fast sometimes it takes time to load.
When you get the apache tomcat window while loading, you have to change proxies.

My antivirus Avast! and best security software detect the sites as inappropriate so make sure that you add them to trusted zones or if not, disable your antivirus.

Update: March 9, 2010

This trick seems doesn’t work anymore. If you like to receive future updates, you can subscribe either by E-mail or by RSS Feeds. Follow me also on Twitter.


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  1. Melchman

    Hello guys! I just like to ask some questions regarding on downloading mobile applications. I just can't download some applications from my phone, except on because my OM 4.2 came from that site. Anyway my OM is working properly, the only problem is when im downloading an application, it closes my OM 4.2 and continues browsing it in my standard web browser instead, until it fails due to communication failure.. I tried using proxies but still not working.. I can't seem to find a way to solve this confusion. Hope some of you guys post some solutions in this kind of problem. Anyway my phone unit is SE k530i and i use globe. I would be appreciative on your responds. 😀

  2. Technologian

    Hello Melchman?
    Considering that you have a good 3G signal, I can see that Opera Mini 4.2 you are using has nothing to do with the problem in which you can't download applications using the Opera Mini browser. The location ( where you've downloaded Opera Mini 4.2 can rest assured that what you've installed on your mobile phone was not corrupted since it is working as you've said.

    Actually, I can see that the problem lies on the version of your mobile phone. Sony Ericsson's K530i doesn't support the "JSR 75" specification. JSR 75 JSR-75 is a specification for Java applications such as Opera Mini 4.2 to access device internal storage and functionality within the phone. It is also important to know that Opera Mini “Download/Upload Files” features vary on how much JSR-75 that is supported by the phone.

    Bert Padilla

  3. dherick

    Guys i hve a problem..
    I'm running out of phone mem0ry Everytime i br0wse the free internet here in my opera mini 4.2. So everytime it flash(error! out of memory) in my screen i hve to stop and close my opera mini. I do have 1gb memory card, can u help me to use my mem0ry card as the receiver of the site that i'm browsing? Because when it happens, i do n0w the capability of browsing internet in long of hours w/o the interruption of "error,out of mem0ry"message ,and all i have to do is to restart my phone again. It sucks men!
    Hope you all guys can help me. Thanks in advance!
    God bless this site! reply to my e-mail…

  4. Technologian


    Can you please post here the model of your mobile phone for us to know its specifications? Also, post here what you've done already aside from re-starting your mobile phone so we would know what might be the reason why you are encountering that problem…

  5. Guest

    is it also working with n80 model?

  6. Bert Padilla

    As long as your phone has an activated 3G network, then a little tweak based on the tutorial above – then it might work on your phone… If you encounter troubles with the setup, just let me know…

  7. Bert Padilla

    Melchman, your SE K530i is probably not supporting the JSR75 specification – which prevents your phone in browsing using Opera Mini, instead it uses your built-in browser…

  8. Maui

    Iba pa ba to sa unlimited browsing sa cellphone ng Globe at smart na may tini-tweak rin???

  9. Bert Padilla

    Maui, OO iba 'to… It's a different internet connection… Instead of using your phone to browse the internet directly, You can rather use it as a modem… This means that using your personal computer, you can connect your computer to the internet through a modem – which happens to be your phone… It's very easy to setup…

  10. Maui

    one more question sir, how fast is the connection?

  11. Bert Padilla

    The connection depends upon your location… If you have a strong 3G signal, you can have an internet speed of 384 to 460kbps…

  12. Maui

    wel i ges i need to buy either Globe or Smart SIM.. bcause im using TM..

  13. vodafone signal booster

    Now a days the capability of the mobile phone is on the increasing way. People are accessing the internet via connecting their mobile phone to PC which act as Modem, so that can help them to access internet directly on their PC.

  14. Braian Laranio

    ok sr

  15. Braian Laranio

    ahmmmmmmmmmmmmm gagawin ko na yan mamaya

  16. michael

    guyss pano mag register sa data account sa f600 cd-r king na cellphone

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