Ultracapacitors: Chemical-Free, Environment-Friendly Gadget Power Sources

Your smartphones, tablets, and other handy devices run on electricity from chemical-base batteries. But a new breakthrough technology will be coming out soon with devices that store electricity minus the need for chemicals that batteries need. Soon, you can just buy electronics online and in your favorite gadget stores with this chemical-free technology.


Maxwell Technologies, a company in San Diego, California, recently announced its latest electronic power storing product—the Ultracapacitor—which powerfully recharges in minutes and lasts long enough to perhaps outlive the remote control it supports, said Maxwell Technologies Spokesman Michael W. Sund. The device is just a bit tinier than the usual AAA batteries used in electronic gadgets. Soon, your remote controls won’t have to use AAA batteries to operate, and eventually, your smartphone and other like gadgets won’t either. And that’s less use of chemicals as well, which is good news to our environmentalists. (more…)

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