Introducing the Newly-Revamped Cebu Tech Blogger Blog!

Last month, I announced that we’ve been cooking up some awesome stuff on CTB specifically the site’s design and layout, a dedicated page for local tech jobs, and one thing I missed to mention – the “Apps Highlights” section which features Top 10 apps across all available categories and will be published in a daily basis (weekdays only) beginning this Monday. The “Apps Highlights” however will focus on iOS apps for now, but that doesn’t mean closing the door for other apps in other platforms. Apps for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, or even Symbian OS will still be featured from time to time, but not as frequent as with iOS apps. The reason for this is the availability of tools that will aid me in web scraping and ranking apps directly from each platform’s app store.

The Fresh and Cool New Design of CTB Blog

The theme in designing the new CTB blog focuses on simplicity and I want it to be as clean as possible, yet still has the feel of a professional technology blog (yey!). I left it to our friends at Clicking Labs to apply the makeover and of course, do some coding magic. And the result? Well, just let the pages speak for themselves so I’d suggest you view it here, here, here, here, and here. (more…)

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Cebu Social Media Enthusiasts All Set for Social Media Day

Tomorrow, June 30, is marked as the 3rd Social Media Day – a global event that was first spearheaded in 2010 by US-based tech and social media news site, Mashable, as “a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes”.

For the first time ever, Cebu will join the rest of the Philippines for a local gathering and meetup inline with the event. Organized by Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi) and its online media partners TekWorx Mobile and Web Services, Third Team Media, and RLComm InternationalCebu’s Social Media Day will kick off tomorrow at 2PM with Mactan Isla Resort as its host. (more…)

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