Cebu Intel Event 2010 – Workshop to Understand How PC Works

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Intel Microelectronics Philippines, Inc. conducted an event in Marriott Hotel here in Cebu earlier today. It was another great local event I’ve attended this year so far, and as a tech blogger – I’m fortunate to be part of it.
The event is somewhat like a workshop on how to eliminate the “Hourglass Syndrome”, a humorously coined term by Intel which describes the situation the customer is facing while waiting their machines to keep up with the speed of life.

The event includes a talk from Mr. Randy M. Kanapi, Marketing Manager for Intel Philippines, in which he tackled understanding the basics of a PC. He gave a clearer understanding of how exactly a PC works, explaining the truth about the hardware components of a computer rig like microprocessor or CPU, the RAM, hard drive, and GPU.

Mr. Jason Ty, Channel Platform Manager of Intel Philippines, also delivered his presentation focused on the new Intel Core Processor Family, which includes Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 microprocessors. He introduced features of these processors like Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which first became available on the 45nm Core i7 processor based on micro-architecture code named Nehalem and later on also built into Core i5 CPUs. Intel Turbo Boost Technology allows processor cores to automatically run faster beyond the base operating frequency. Like with my Aspire 4745G with Intel Core i5-450M processor at 2.4GHz, it can boost up to 2.66GHz – that means I still have a chance to work once the system reach the maximum CPU usage. He also mentioned about the “now-popular” added feature on some Intel CPU’s called Hyper-Threading Technology which enables a more efficient processor doing multitasks at the same time; as well as Intel Processors with HD Graphics for a full gaming, video, or multimedia experience. I can actually recall the over-clocking show last year.

Part of the event was also a demo, in which two computer rigs are being compared in terms of overall performance. Given the same other components on both machines except for the processors, the one running with a Core i3 processor at a particular frequency obviously beaten the other one with Intel Celeron installed, based on test for casual and mainstream games. Well, it was great to see Star Craft 2 in action even without a dedicated graphics card- only the integrated Intel HD Graphics. Wouldn’t you?

There are lots more from the event, perhaps I can share to you some of the tips I’ve learned in the coming days. By the way, the event was sponsored by Intel. I will upload the photos as soon as it’s already available. So just stay tuned!

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