CES 2014 Roundup: Exciting Phones You Shouldn’t Miss

CES 2014 Roundup: Exciting Phones You Shouldn’t Miss

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Throughout the years, smartphones has become an essential part of a lot of people’s lives. Back then, smartphones (or known as PDA phones) such as Blackberries, Palm Treos and phones running on the now defunct Windows Mobile OS are considered only for the rich, famous and powerful. But at present, it’s totally a different story. While CEO’s may have at least 2-4 high end smartphones with them for business and personal purposes, we see ordinary people use them for internet, music listening and the like. Heck, I even saw this 10 year old on a local teleserye using a Yellow iPhone 5C.

Many have adapted to the use of smartphones simply because they make our lives easier. It’s a phone, a camera, a music player, a video recorder, a gaming console, an organizer and so much more housed in a single device that fits into most pockets. And with today’s technological advancement, we are now seeing the integration of health monitoring features in our smartphones thanks to the development of different apps, hardware pieces and external accessories.

CES 2014 Roundup, Smartphone Edition

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES held every January of the year in Las Vegas, USA is known to be an event to watch out for not just for smartphone users, but also for tech geeks and the whole consumer electronic market. Asus, Sony and ZTE, among others unveiled new and exciting phones in the recently concluded CES 2014 that any smartphone user (or aspiring to have one this year) shouldn’t miss. We, here at CebuTechBlogger.com, summed up some of the phones you definitely should checkout for 2014.

Browse through each page number linked below to see all phones we think you shouldn’t miss!

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