Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1, Octa Core Phones Head-to-Head Specs Comparison

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 vs Starmobile Diamond X1, Octa Core Phones Head-to-Head Specs Comparison

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Last month, Starmobile announced their first ever phablet featuring an Octa core processor, the Starmobile Diamond X1. Cherry Mobile on the other hand announced the CM Cosmos Z2 just today during their #WeAreOnFire event held at the Hyatt Hotel, also featuring an octa core chip. We here at CTB loves a good healthy competition, so we have decided to put a little head-to-head specs comparison of these two octa core running phones by our local mobile players. Catch the details after the break!

OctaCore battle

First things first, to be fair, we have not yet tried the Diamond X1 and the Cosmos Z2 ourselves, so this comparison will depend mainly on the phones’ official specs and features, printed on sheets!

Starmobile Diamond X1 and Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 specs sheet comparison
Starmobile Diamond X1 and Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 specs sheet comparison

Judging from the spec sheet above, both the Diamond X1 and the Cosmos Z2 sports a lot of similar specs, but the little differences are what sets them apart. If you’ve read our other head-to-head comparisons (like this one), you probably know by now that when it comes to display size, we say that it will always depend on user preference. The Diamond X1 sports a bigger screen, but it is the Cosmos Z2 that comes with a better screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a higher pixel density of 440ppi, even better than the iPhone 5s at 326 ppi!

The Cosmos Z2 gets the upper hand when it comes to storage, as it packs a bigger ROM of 16 GB, compared to the Diamond X1’s 8 GB. But both the phones comes with a big expandable storage option, up to 64 GB via a microSD card. Photography wise, both sports an 18 megapixel autofocus main camera with a BSI (backside-illumination) feature. The Diamond X1 has a slight advantage over the Cosmos Z2 when it comes to the front facing camera, as the former’s selfie dedicated front camera comes with BSI as well.

It’s a tie for the processing department, as both devices sports the same processor, MediaTek MT6592 featuring a 1.7GHz “True” octa core chip bundled with a huge 2 GB of RAM.

The Diamond X1 comes with a slightly bigger battery of 2,300 mAh compared to the Cosmos Z2’s 2,000 mAh, and is very reasonable because of the X1’s dual Yamaha speakers. The Cosmos Z2 on the other hand features a USB on the go support, HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding support, as well as a clear motion technology, allowing the phone to play videos smoothly even at 60fps.

CosmosZ2 kitkat

But, the turning point for this comparison is the OS. Out of the box, the Diamond X1 comes with the slightly newer 4.2.2 JellyBean compared to the Cosmos Z2’s 4.2. But, Cherry Mobile announced that come March, the Cosmos Z2 will receive the Kitkat 4.4 update, making it the first smartphone by a local mobile brand to get the Kitkat 4.4 update.

And as a bonus, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 comes with a slightly lower price of Php 12,999 compared to the Diamond X1’s retail price of Php 13,900.

Now, who wins? We’ll put our cards here based on the specs sheet. With a bigger built-in storage, better screen resolution, higher pixel density and a sure update to the Kitkat 4.4, it’s an obvious win for the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2. Did we mention it’s also relatively cheaper?

Your thoughts? Let us know through the comment section below!


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