CITE Remember President Corazon "Cory" Aquino

CITE Remember President Corazon "Cory" Aquino

I was watching at the ABS-CBN News Channel the funeral of the late former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino when something pop-up in my mind reminiscing the moment she inaugurated the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise or CITE.

Corazon Aquino SpeechI remembered the fact-sheet I read before when I became a CITE student, about how CITE Technical Institute, Inc. exist and what was the role of the former President Aquino. Why I am writing this blog simply because I want to remind every CITE graduate that without the late President Cory Aquino, we are nothing more than being absurd. I mean, being a CITE graduate – knowing the people involved on how you were molded professionally is just a similar reflection on the tribute of the Filipino People today.

I spent ten minutes reading the full transcript of President Cory Aquino’s speech during CITE inauguration. It reads:

“Ferrari, Secretary Estanislao, Governor Osmeña, Officials of CITE, Fellow Workers in Government, Honored guests, maayong buntag sa inyong tanan! Malipayon ako nga nagkauban kita karong adlawa. Today through our efforts and unity, we now enjoy peace, progress, development and democracy. I hope that the unity we show today will make my dream and your dream for our country one for we have a dream of people-powered progress.

As I inaugurate this Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise or CITE, there is no doubt in my mind this is one of the things we have done together to show others how to build on this dream. This project is proof what NGOs working with government can accomplish. CITE’s industrial technicians shall play key roles in industry.

I am glad CITE has also introduced values formation along with entrepreneurship and business management, and training courses on radio-TV repair, basic machining, and bench work practice, practical electricity and other technologies. While I visited your school building today, looking into your classrooms, computer and electronics rooms I am very happy that the out of school youth and the working youth are those who study here.

I also congratulate the graduates of CITE and their families who are here. You have fulfilled one part of your dream. It is now time to fulfill the rest of your dream as it blends in the stream of aspirations for the development of our country.

I am grateful for the support and interest that the Italian government has shown by providing assistance to this project. The Southeast Asian Science Foundation has done a splendid job with Associazione Centro ELIS for this laudable education project.

As I commend the provincial and city governments for contributing support for the school, I also congratulate and thank sincerely the local companies and the benefactors for also putting up the necessary local counterpart funding.

This is an excellent school, excellence built on public and private sector cooperation, excellence built on the dedication of its faculty, the conscientiousness of its students.

This excellence is a microcosm of what more Cebu promises and delivers. The manpower training here will respond to the manpower needs of this province and the rest of our country. The work ethic here is an example for all of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines.

I enjoin its founders, benefactors, faculty and students to help replicate this effort in other regions. This is key to our being an NIC in the year 2000. NIC stands for the Philippines as a Newly Industrialized Country as well as for Newly Industrialized Cebu. Cebu has a special place in our economy for we have a dream of a people-powered economy. The small and medium scale industries here approach world class standards.

From 1988 to 1991 the gross domestic product of Cebu averaged at 20 per cent growth when our national GDP averaged 6 per cent. Business enterprises increased tenfold this year past 6 years. Exports from Cebu alone doubled. You have more than 2.2 billion pesos of registered investments at the start of 1992, and more Cebuanos are secure with more jobs where in early 1986 there were only about 400,000 registered in the social security system, by late last year more than 600,000 were registered.

The Cebu Property Ventures Corporation also is proof of the private sector and the government working effectively together. Where Cebu was once asset-rich but cash poor, the Cebu bonds optimize resources and brought in the private sector in the development process. Roads link farms to markets, the countryside to the cities. This joint venture is the first of its kind as this gives meaning to financial autonomy, a vital component of our decentralization program, it also is convincing evidence of investor confidence, in the stability of Cebu, in the industry and competence of its people, in the wisdom of the priorities envisioned of this government.

Cebu has a special role in our development. We share the dream of Christian democrats in Europe and the rest of the world for a free market with social responsibility. Here in Cebu and other parts of the country we have example which show us how business enterprises can be just as free to reach out and help the marginalized while ensuring productivity and industrial harmony.

Here in Cebu I see businessmen involved in both their corporations and in community organizations. Here I see enterprises where the assembly line, as we know it in traditional factories, has been changed into assembly centers in vulnerable communities.

I see farmers, women and youth organizing into cooperatives. Indeed we dream of good things for our people but the good things of this world take a long time to make. Even those which spring forth in an instant they take every as long to complete. For the good things to endure we must pay the price of patience and sacrifice.

The freedom we won at EDSA in four days cannot be explained without the fourteen years of the dictatorship. Courage springs from the soil of fear. The economic development we witness here in Cebu cannot be as meaningful without the decade of monopolies, behest loans and deceit. Progress springs from the soil of poverty.

Ang milagro dinhi sa Sugbo ma-o gayud ang kaluha sa milagro sa EDSA.

Free from the clutches of fear and want we must now be equally free to be our best, and to give our best in the partnership with others for the common good. And so we continue to make the miracle ordinary, bits and pieces of our dream are given form in life through people power. People power though people’s organizations like the Lawaan Multipurpose Cooperative, the Kambuwang Coco Farmers Association, the Sangga Multipurpose Cooperative, the Tugbungan Fishermen’s Association, and Seaweed Industry of the Philippines.

As a I congratulate these cooperatives today, I trust they shall be able to use the loans received today wisely. I also reiterate my instructions to the Department of Agriculture, to ensure the launching of more livelihood enhancement for agricultural development or lead projects here in Cebu.

I invite the private banks and CITE to participate in these projects. I also reiterate my instructions to the Land Bank of the Philippines to seed up the processing of loan proposal from the other cooperatives based here in Cebu specially those in its rural areas. I also reiterate my instructions to the Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources to assist in the delivery of the support services for those families who have just received emancipation patents.

I am also directing the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to study how the CITE model could be replicated in other regions and integrate it into our education for all Philippine Plan of Action for the year 2000 and beyond. The resurgence this partnership is unique to the Philippines in this time of our history.

I am truly inspired that Cebu is a shining example of how all have worked together to open up the life streams for development especially among the disadvantaged. Yet hard work and enterprise is not enough. CITE has recognized this. A coherent and shared vision of the common goal, a social pact, is urgently required. EDSA, once a highway to freedom, must likewise be a road to progress. It must now also stand for economic development and social advancement. Without moral regeneration, economic growth can only lead to a materialist impoverished society.

The restoration of democracy not only in the Philippines, but even in the Eurasia Continent, the EDSA spirit animating our work in government, in communities, in cooperatives, in business enterprises, indeed this whole climate of challenges can only mean one thing: the political leader in a developing region, like the Asia-Pacific must aim for democracy for development. For in this part of the world, in these times, the boundaries between business and government, the private and public sectors are blurred, our leaders must direct their expertise through their ethics.

They must have the stamina for competition and the openness for cooperation. Skills to get the right things done and soul to choose the good things to do. For ultimately the bottom line is freedom with prosperity, peace and stability with progress.”

Source: CITE Technical Institute

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  1. President Cory did great things to CITE technical institute…this should be honored for what she has done great things for CITE,..mabuhay!

  2. Hey Klint… yeah, I hope CITE people won't forget that CITE stand as a great institution inspired by former President Cory Aquino…

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