COMELEC Launches Election Information Website and App
Election 2013

COMELEC Launches Election Information Website and App

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The Commission on Elections, through the office of its official spokesperson, just recently launched a dedicated website and mobile application for its election related information and education efforts. This aims to empower the electorate for this coming May elections and make everything about it easily accessible nationwide.

Christened “E-Leksyon 2013,” this free website and its mobile application were the brainchild of the COMELEC and an idealistic group of developers called Bitoopi from Smart Communications, Inc. and sanctioned by the same. This team of young programmers developed and donated the service to the COMELEC of their own volition. This will fast-pace the information campaign of the COMELEC this coming election.


Features of the mobile app highlights how sample ballots are filled out through simulation. This will definitely aid voters on the proper way to fill out, particularly shading on, the ballot forms. Once they are familiarized with shading, the burden is considerably lessened because feeding the forms into the machine becomes the single challenging task left of what voters should do. And that’s a big relief.

Moreover, the website contains the relevant COMELEC rules for campaigning to inform voters in case they note any violations committed by any electoral party. It also has information about where the nearest precinct is for reporting such violations, or uploading violations reports and photos. When a report is uploaded and sent, COMELEC issues a validation code to the complainant for proper ID. COMELEC will publish online only validated ones. The site will be accessible with any Internet enabled devices through this address:

App Uses

In places where Internet is not available, the mobile app, aside from having the web functionalities, can also be a saving tool where reports can be stored for later viewing once Internet becomes available. Complainants can just upload to the app all details necessary. When complainants get to a place where they can go online, they can send the stored data to COMELEC.

Both the website and the mobile app are maintained and managed by the COMELEC with the necessary technical support from Bitoopi. Assigned COMELEC personnel alone have access to the stored data in the site or app.

The E-Leksyon 2013 app is ready for iOS devices through the Apple iTunes app store. No support for Android and other platforms yet but announcement will be made soon. As election day approaches, the features will be more helpful especially in familiarizing the electorate in the correct use of ballots. This will make sure each vote counts, says James Jimenez, COMELEC director, adding that E-Leksyon 2013 may also greatly help speed up their educational campaigns.

Team Bitoopi

Team Bitoopi devoted their time and effort to making both website and mobile app of E-Leksyon 2013, an official and useful tool of the COMELEC. The team is made up of young and idealistic voters dubbed as “Apptivists.”

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