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DIY Outdoor 3G/HSPA Wireless Signal Booster for Home BroadBand Internet


You can place the router inside the enclosure together with the 3G / 4G internet dongle. I added further heat insulation by covering the device with aluminum bubble sheets used for roof insulation.

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 1

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 2

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 3

The simple quad loop 3G/4G antenna/signal booster for USB dongle modem.

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 4
The router used is AP/WIFI capable but I am using an additional AP router to extend my WIFI coverage and to penetrate the signal inside the rooms in the house. A 10m UTP cable from the LAN port for the 2nd router is used, but this is optional. To reduce the power load and temperature inside the router, the WIFI radio is deactivated.

See below final setup.

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 5

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster 6

Software Settings:

You have to connect to your router configuration page to activate the router mode and ISP settings. See your router manual how to access the page and the IP address info on your browser.

DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster - Software Setting
DIY Outdoor 3G,HSPA Wireless Signal Booster – Software Setting

For Globe postpaid account:
Dial : *99***1#

For Globe prepaid account:
Dial : *99***1#

You can choose to connect automatically, so every time you power the device it will dial and connect to the ISP. If you are prepaid subscriber you can connect manually but you have to access the configuration page to dial connection. I choose to connect on demand, by this I can setup the idle time for the device to disconnect when nobody is using the internet and also when the ISP is down the system can go idle and rest.

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  1. Boboy Campos Boboy Campos

    Can this set-up also improve the calls & text messaging of my globe cellphone?

  2. Margallo Arwin Margallo Arwin

    hi po! pwede po ba kayo mag post ng diagram para mas malinaw kung san ang mga connections.

  3. aL aL

    Hello Bert, You posted this almost 2 years ago. Please tell us how the project improved your web use experience. Are you still using this setup? Have you made any changes/improvements to the setup? Do you have any further advice based on your experience with the setup?

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