Download Paid iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps for Free without Jailbreak

Download Paid iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Apps for Free without Jailbreak

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Having your iDevice’s firmware untouched, that is without jailbreaking and installing the Installous app, there’s no way you can download premium or paid apps for free in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The Installous App is a simple yet very popular app that hosts thousands of “cracked” apps on its database so you would be able to select and download such apps right in your iDevice. Installous, however, can only be installed once your device is “jailbroken” — though this doesn’t mean to be able to download paid apps for free always requires you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Well, I just discovered this new app that has been available in the Apple App Store for a couple of days already which allows you to download premium or paid apps for free. Yes, it’s legit and ain’t a jailbreak app; and the good thing is such app is free as well.

This app is called “App of the Day” and is available in selected countries including Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and of course – the Philippines. The dev’s website says it will soon become available in France and the UK as well.

So how do you get a paid app downloaded in your device for free?

Here’s what the developer has to say:

Every day a paid app becomes free for 24 hours!

Every day our team selects one of the best paid apps from the App Store and negotiates with its developers to make the app free for 24 hours.

This concept, already very popular in the US and other European countries, allows all iPhone users to save hundreds of dollars for the purchase of applications.

Once the applications are downloaded, they can be used as a free app, even when the application becomes paid once again.

App of the Day doesn’t exactly offer similar features like that of Installous in which you can download almost any apps you want simply because it’s up to the developer and its partners which paid apps will go live for free for a duration of 24 hours. Nonetheless, it’s still good to see apps like this, right?

You may download App of the Day by following the link to specific App Stores below.

Download in Apple Philippines Apps Store
Download in Apple Japan Apps Store
Download in Apple Germany Apps Store
Download in Apple Austria Apps Store
Download in Apple Italy Apps Store
Download in Apple Spain Apps Store
Download in Apple Mexico Apps Store
Download in Apple Brazil Apps Store

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