Download Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 with Free Serial Number and Product Key

Download Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 with Free Serial Number and Product Key

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The free WinX DVD Video Converter download is over and now I am sharing again another free download from Paragon Software.
Paragon is now giving away its advanced partitioning tool, the Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal, only until April 5 EST. Originally, the price of this product is $39.95- but you can get it now for free.

Paragon Partition Manager 9.5

Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal has key features which include:

Partitioning – create, format, delete, undelete, hide or unhide partition, change hard drive partition label (Volume label) or drive letter, check file system integrity, convert file systems, run complete surface test, resize or merge partitions without data loss, enlarge NTFS partitions without rebooting windows, redistribute free space and etc.

Copy – copy a full hard disk or a separate partition and supports incremental copy.

Boot Management – easily activate or deactivate the boot manager and setup a multi-boot environment.

Defragmentation – different strategies of file system optimization according to one of the three parameters (file date, file size, directory order), optimization of the page file and the hibernation file allocations.

Backup – back up data and system to an archive; create backup images without leaving Windows with Paragon Hot Backup technology, restore system and data even from bare-metal state, and restore partition with resize.

How to get your copy:

Download Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal installer: PM95_Pers_ea.msi (32-bit Windows version) or PM95_Pers_ea_x64.msi (64-bit Windows version).

After you downloaded the installer, just install and you will be asked to register the software, and then click on the “Free Serial” button like the screenshot below.

Once you click on the “Free Serial” button, you will be redirected to the registration page at or you can copy and paste the link in your browser, and then fill out the registration form below the webpage.

Check the inbox that will receive an email from “[email protected]” within 15 minutes with free product key and serial number.

Then use that information from the email to register your free Paragon Partition Manager 9.5. Hurry! I got mine already…

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