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Electronics Center Blog Duplicating My Articles

Electronics Center Blog keeps on re-posting my blogs on one of its sub-domain.
The Technology blog is located at

It is rampant in the digital world that our individual blogs are being copied and duplicated by these ridiculous people in the internet without permission from the original publisher. I’ve read some complaints against those big organizations regarding duplicated contents without permission.

My case is not that great, but the fact that my articles has been duplicated on the Technology Blog of Electronics Center Blog – it’s something that discourages me on blogging.

Screen-shot of articles copied by the Electronics Center Blog from my blog.

I am not just looking for my own desires. I allowed re-posting my articles as long as I am asked to permit. But seeing my posts on the other site as if it’s really feed entirely without my consent can’t be tolerated.

I know that Electronics Center Blog is a new website, but I think it’s embarrassing on their part that they started their blogs by just copying from the works of others.

I did my query from the Whois database and got this information about the domain

Whois Record

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1156 S State St #201
Orem, Utah 84097
United States

Created on: 15-Jul-09
Expires on: 15-Jul-10
Last Updated on: 15-Jul-09

Administrative Contact:
Bigler, Oliver
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1156 S State St #201
Orem, Utah 84097
United States
(801) 225-5565 Fax —

Technical Contact:
Bigler, Oliver
Submit Solution
1156 S State St #201
Orem, Utah 84097
United States
(801) 225-5565 Fax —

Domain servers in listed order:

It has been three weeks since they keep on copying my posts. It’s funny that after publishing this article they would be able to read this on their own website! LOL…

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Bloggero

    Hahahaha… What a shame on them… They sucks!

  2. Bert Padilla

    As of now, they are not yet monetizing the blog… but once I see some ads on that blog, probably I will do something so that blog will be penalized…

  3. Jonharules

    meron silang ginagamit na plugin na automatically posts articles from sites na nagsubcribe sila, so that's it kaya check out the interval nag pagpost kaya lahat ng posts mo copied nila, db? haha..

  4. Webslave McCoolot

    LOL! what are they doing? they didn't give you credits? no good at all…

  5. Bert Padilla

    I think it's a plugin wherein my posts are automatically being re-posted on their site since they don't make any changes at all… The links are still there, which is a good thing, anyway…

  6. Affiliate Crunch

    Hey dude, I am with you. Do not worry, the links are there, they are "autoblogs".

    They got a plugin that scrapes content based on keywords.

    The best part is they got the feed of your blog on their database.

  7. Bert Padilla

    Hey… Yeah they are using a plugin for scraping contents… And I agree with you that it's still an advantage of having links there… Thanks for dropping here…

  8. Mitch

    I suggest you limit the contents of your feed so that readers on will continue reading the rest of your posts on this site…


    I don't get worried when somebody copy my content. Google will prioritize the pages that has a unique and original content. Pages with duplicate content won't be indexed in Google.

  10. Bert Padilla

    Already done limiting the contents of my feeds, Mitch… Thanks for the comment…

  11. Bert Padilla

    Sometimes Google's algorithm for duplicate contents flawed… Though maturity of the contents and it's uniqueness are amongst Google's priority, it still good to see on the SERPs that despite having your contents copied on other site- your site rank better those with duplicate contents…

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