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Element Case Vapor 4 for iPhone

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Most of iPhone 4 protection accessories I’ve seen so far are made of either rubber or plastic, but this one really caught my attention.

Called Vapor 4 iPhone Case, I guess this is one of the sexiest yet hardcore casings available in the market today. Made of aircraft grade aluminum for strong hold, Vapor 4 protects the sides of an iPhone just like what the usual Apple Bumper for iPhone 4 does. So if you accidentally drop your iPhone and impact on objects sideways, fret nothing.

You can still use other protection for the front and rear glass panels though, like ZAGG Invisible Shield and among others. When I held the iPhone with Vapor 4 installed, I didn’t notice any reception issue which is good for iPhone 4 which has a known problem in signal performance when hands covers the antennae.

Vapor 4 is being manufactured by an American company Element Case, and a quick browsing on its website reveals several features and here’s what they can say about its product:

  • Despite its minimalist appearance, the Vapor is CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. In other words, it’s strong and light (19 grams)!
  • A CNC on/off button is designed into the case to complete the clean lines.
  • The finish of the Vapor case is anodized to create a hard protective coating in brilliant colors. Yes, black is a color. We love anodized black.
  • In true Element Case™ style, the graphics are laser engraved.
  • The inside of the Vapor case is lined with a very high tech shock absorbing material that reduces the G-forces of an impact.

Vapor 4 is priced $79.99 which is really quite more expensive compared to other cases, but I think it’s just fair for its build. I got a tip it’s available locally (iStore), but wasn’t able to confirm its price. I’m wondering if anyone here rocking Vapor 4 for iPhone?

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  1. Justin B

    Nice! i Got the all white one. Its on my white iphone 4s. I got it for $20 on eBay.

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      I stumbled on this post of mine while thinking of using the Vapor 4 iPhone case again. No offense, but am just wondering if that $20 case you found on eBay is legit? @twitter-176967671:disqus 

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