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Basic Energy Saving Tips for your Smarphone, Are You Doing This?

Certainly you’d need to give your gadgets – or your smartphone – tender, loving care, won’t you? Well for one thing it is expensive when you purchased it (unless of course shelling out bucks isn’t much of a concern for you?); second it is an important piece of technology that lets you communicate in various ways across the globe, third it helps maintain its pristine condition even after years of use and you can resell it for 60% of the original price. You will, in effect, may break even by 30% or 40% of your original budget in purchasing the product.


But that’s not the only reason why you need to take care of your smartphone’s battery and employ the best energy savings tips. Actually it’s the “now” aspect that you need to think about when you consider prolonging the battery life of your smartphone. It’s because of the premise that since you’re out most of the time you might not be able to find a place where you can recharge your batteries and that’s going to be a problem if the next call you’re expecting is of some sort of importance. So here are five ways to make your cell phone battery last longer.

1. Turn Off Vibrations – vibrations are caused by a huge electrical pressure which drains your phone’s battery quickly than any other feature you’ll use on your smartphone and this is the reason why, as much as possible, I advise you to use it sparingly or use it only in places where necessary.

Low Battery

2. Dim Your Screen – the LED screen of your mobile phone sucks up 70% of the battery of your smartphone and the brighter it is you can bet that the more power it consumes. So by dimming your LED screen even by just 30% will save you at least minutes of battery power. The recommended screen brightness; however, is 50% below maximum and basically the lower it is the better.

3. Shorten Screen Timeout – screen time out can also be a factor in putting your smartphone battery life at risk and by simply shortening your phone’s screen time out, say from 3 minutes to 30 seconds can do a lot of difference.

4. Switching Off When Inactive – there will be times when you absolutely do not wish to be bothered like when you want to have a nice long sleep after a hellish week of work or when you’re doing something important. How about turning off your phone since you won’t be using it and have people leave you a voicemail instead?


5. Charge Your Battery Correctly – always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge your smartphone’s battery to avoid damage and/or shortening your battery’s life. Some say, as a rule of thumb make sure to charge your phone when power is less than 10 percent. But personally, I really charge my phone’s battery after draining it to dead.

And here’s a bonus! You can further save energy by closing unnecessary background apps, disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G  radios when you’re not using them, disable GPS,  as well as minimize push notifications. And lastly,  avoid overheating your phone by killing background processes not in use. You’ll enjoy your smartphone more with a battery that meets your requirements as you give great care to it. Let’s say hi to battery-hungry smartphones, iApple?


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