Expect an Uptrend of Tablet Sales this 2013
2013 Global Tablet Forecast

Expect an Uptrend of Tablet Sales this 2013

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Analysts and experts of some major platform companies, including the popular opinion of the so called white box market (haven primarily for desktop PCs as against “white book market” which is mainly on laptops), seem to point to an up trend in tablet shipments worldwide this year. This means tablet sellers are anticipating a major boost on their sales, and that goes for both white box and branded models.

Last year, the observed growth rate of tablet shipments worldwide was seen more than 38 percent, totalling a 210 million-unit shipment. Based on that, they project possible sales of 140 million units this year, for branded slates alone. That means, there is going to be more tablet users than notebook users from now on. Definitely, tablet sales are going up in 2013.

Apple and Google Will Lead the Way

Google will be one of two companies that will lead the way to higher tablet sales this year, add analysts who have been closely following exciting developments in the tablet-notebook tug o’ war. The hard-line pricing of tablets like Nexus 7 and even Nexus 10 is likely to boost Google sales in 2013, possibly making it the second strongest tablet vendor. Apple, of course, will retain its top position, although analysts observed a 55 percent plus decline in its shipment of branded tablets. Considering this fact plus the white box tablet factor, Apple tablet shipments may likely drop to 40 percent or lower, add experts. But overall, tablet sales are going up in 2013.

Android Could be the Largest Platform

Android tablet shipments are estimated to reach 121 million units this year of 2013, making a 40 percent plus growth from its 2012 shipments. This includes white box, branded, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon devices, aside from all types of Android tablets. Androids will definitely be in and overtake iOS in shipments to become the largest platform in the arena.

Top Shipment by 2015

Experts also foresee a total of 300 million shipments of white box and branded tablets worldwide by 2015; that’s two years from now. And they add that of this figure, 200 million would be branded devices, with the rest being white box tablets. Definitely, there is going to be a tablet craze starting this year and onward, and gadget businesses should know exactly what to do.

Tablets Everywhere

With the expected demand for tablets this year and in the coming years, tablets will be in for a long while. Tablets will be everywhere. It would be wise for gadget shop owners to re-consider their inventory. And smart gadget patrons will see what apt devices will be worth saving for in the future. [via]

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