Experiencing Globe’s Internet Fair Usage Policy in Real Time; How to Reach it and What Happens When You get “Capped”

Experiencing Globe’s Internet Fair Usage Policy in Real Time; How to Reach it and What Happens When You get “Capped”

I have been a Globe UnliSurf subscriber for 2 years now with my postpaid account, and another year with Globe’s BIS or BlackBerry Internet Service on top of that. But with over 3 years of being with Globe’s mobile data service, I have never heard of their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on internet surfing plans until very recently, when they started enforcing it strictly.

Globe FUP Page

I consider myself as a moderate to heavy mobile internet user for social media and personal purposes: I always find myself refreshing my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed at least twice to thrice an hour throughout the day. I also use it for quick web browsing and youtube video streaming. My data services are turned on almost all the time even at home — I only turn it off whenever I’m outside my house and i need to save up my battery life. I also use my phone’s data services to tether internet to my laptop whenever i’m not home, which happens almost every other day recently.

Coming across tweets and Facebook rants of netizens complaining about Globe’s implementation of the FUP on a daily basis, we decided to do a little experiment: Reset my cellular data counter, try to reach Globe’s 1 GB/day cap, and see what happens after reaching the said cap.

That’s exactly what I did last Tuesday. I reset my cellular data counter by 9 am that day, but unfortunately, I failed to reach the cap. Tuesday ended and my cellular data said I only used 859 MB. I decided to try again yesterday and tried to use as much data as I can.


By 9:39am I went and reset my Cellular Data counter once again, fired up my SpeedTest app and got a very fast 4.39 Mbps download speed. I hooked my phone to my laptop so I can get a better shot at using as much data as I can. After about loading countless number of web pages, a number app downloads on my phone and about 7 to 8 music video streaming on YouTube at 1080p, I successfully consumed 1 GB worth of data by 5:51pm and still got a 760 kbps download speeds through the SpeedTest app.


Just after a couple of minutes, I finally received a text from 8888, notifying me that I have already reached the 1 GB cap of that day. I tried checking through the SpeedTest app if I already got capped, but surprisingly, I was getting 1.65mbps download speeds, much faster than the result I got a couple of minutes ago.


I then fired up Instagram. Images took about a minute to load, which is obviously slow. Loading CebuTechBlogger.com page took me about 2 minutes, while Google’s search page took me forever. This is when I realised that the result I’m getting from the SpeedTest app isn’t that reliable after all and that I was already throttled to 2G speeds. And this happened throughout the rest of the night.

About 12:30 early this morning, I checked again, and I was sure to have been shifted back to my regular 3G speed. Now i’m very certain that Globe is really strict on implementing the FUP on mobile Internet browsing, which I am worried about. I am confident about not hitting the daily 1GB cap, but for sure I’ll hit the 3 GB monthly cap about during the first half of the month, more so for February as I have already consumed about 2 GB just after this experiment.

I personally think 3 GB per month is relatively small, especially now that almost everything is turning online and mobile: GPS navigation on our mobile devices, cloud service for photos, music and documents, video calls through Skype, Facetime and other apps, plus the emerging trend of internet-based texting through Viber, WeChat, BBM, iMessage and the like.

Finally, if ever you wanna go and check how much data you are using, just go to Settings > Celluar > Reset Statistics for iOS devices and for Android users, just go to Settings > Data Usage.

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