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Facebook Messenger App for Windows is Out Now for Download! And Here’s Why I’m Not Impressed Just Yet…

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Granted! Facebook has already released its Facebook Messenger application for Windows and if you guys have been waiting for this – you probably want to give it shot. Messenger for Windows, as what the social network giant calls it, is actually not just a messaging app similar to the Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android handsets. It comes with additional features like getting quick notifications about what’s going on in your Facebook account and checking the latest updates from your friends right within the UI, without having to stay any longer in your web browser.

But would it really appeal to you? I guess it won’t! Though the app is still on its trial stage, I must say that Facebook probably was just forced to release the app to the public after it was leaked in the internet. Seriously, I personally don’t see any single advantage of using the app as far as efficiency and better Facebook chat experience are concerned. The Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android is completely different from the original Facebook app as the former is only dedicated for messaging. The good thing with the mobile version is you can always use it anytime and that it doesn’t rely on any other apps to continue using it.

With Messenger for Windows, however, you will be required to sign-in at using your web-browser (so it can store your login credentials) which explains the app is dependent on the “caching” capability of the browser. Thus, you’re only allowed to close your Facebook tab after logging in, but not logout from there as it will also sign you out in the Messenger app. The bottom-line is Facebook should have released a Messenger app for Windows that won’t require you to visit, perhaps like a standalone desktop messaging client similar to Yahoo! Messenger. Just think of the scenario when is blocked in your company internet firewall. But no – I’m not saying you really need a desktop client just to open Facebook chat in the office.

For now, if I don’t want to visit just to chat with friends, I’d probably just settle with Skype that’s even better by now. But in any case you want to give Messenger for Windows a try; you can get it from here. Oh, by the way, it only works with Windows 7 machines and Facebook don’t have a word if it will bring the app to Vista or Windows XP.


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