Activate Facebook Security Feature that will notify you if someone Login to Your Account

Activate Facebook Security Feature that will notify you if someone Login to Your Account

Facebook’s privacy policy for its users has been a subject of several criticisms from security and legal experts.
But despite of long debates, users still remain to play a significant role in protecting their own privacy. The personal information you share in your Facebook account needs to be protected, but keep in mind that it all starts in you. And one way (which I think the best) to protect your privacy is to secure your Facebook account.

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, it became one of the main targets of cyber-criminals. As a FB user, you are always vulnerable to phishing and hacking attacks- putting your readily-available personal information at risk. Despite the increasing complexity of Facebook security measures to prevent, detect, and remove malicious programs, etc. – there’s still no enough guarantee that you’re secure as computer crime is becoming more sophisticated and prevalent.

Here, I’m going to share with you one security feature that will help protect your FB account or keep it as safe as possible. Once this feature is activated, you will be notified via email or SMS if your account is accessed from a computer or mobile devices that you haven’t used. You might have found this before, but if not- this post is for you.

How to configure and activate notification of unauthorized access to Facebook account:

1. Login to your Facebook account, and go to the Account Settings (located on the upper-right corner).
2. Click on the Settings tab, and scroll down to the Account Security.

Facebook Account Settings

3. Click on the “change” item.
4. Select “Yes” radio button below the question: Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices?

Facebook Account Security

5. Tick on the checkbox besides SMS (mobile text).
6. Click on the “Submit” button. Once done, you have to logout from your account.
7. Login back to your FB account. You will be prompted with a message similar to the screenshot below.

Registering a computer to Facebook

8. Register the name of the computer (use any name you can easily remember)
9. Check the box that says “Don’t ask me again from this computer” if you don’t want yourself to always get reminded once you logon to your account from a public computer (internet cafes, Wi-Fi hotspots using other laptop, etc). And then, click Save.

In the event that users, themselves, or other people log in to the same account via other machines (the one not registered in FB Account Settings), registered Facebook users will be notified via email or SMS as an additional security measure.

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