Facial Recognition Apps that’s Good for your iPhone

Facial Recognition Apps that’s Good for your iPhone

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As smartphones get upgraded almost every 6 to 8 months from the last version that you’ve purchased, security becomes an issue and consumers are clamoring for a more secured product from the manufacturers. In the beginning manufacturers used a simplistic password combination to lock and unlock phones and then it evolved to patterns and swiping (for touchscreen phones), and then eventually to facial recognition and biometrics scan. Well, Apple has a long way to go before delivering a working facial recognition app; however, you can try these two third-party facial recognition apps that works at least 80% of the time.

The two handy facial recognition apps that I’m referring to are FaceCrypt and FastAccess Anywhere.

Face Unlocker

FastAccess Anywhere

This app, which has a 14-day free trial on the leash, is cool not because of how efficient it can recognize your facial features, but because it has a secondary unlock feature in case the app has trouble recognizing your face. Forget about those Hollywood films with ultra high-tech retina/biometrics/facial scanner that will recognize you in less than a second, if you blink or even tilt your head slightly – it will not recognize you. Yes, it can be that frustrating sometimes, I mean, Samsung has a better FR (facial recognition) app (Face Unlock) than these and Apple is still on the verge of creating a working model of their own for their devices. So, as I was saying, FastAccess Anywhere will capture your familiar facial features and let you choose a secondary image or shape and you save it as your password. The next time you unlock your phone, it will simply ask you to align your face to the camera and then you click on that shape that you had selected previously.

Note: remember the angle, distance and whether or not if you were smiling in the first photo captured by the app as slight changes to your face will cause it not to recognize you.

Facial Recognition App


FaceCrypt on the other hand allows you not only to save website URLs, usernames and passwords but files, images, videos and other important documents as well. It will also give you a triple security option wherein you can choose three, two or a single security lock for your phone. This includes facial recognition, pattern lock and encrypted password. While Fast Access Anywhere have a $9.99 a year fee and $24 a year fee for the Windows version of the app; FaceCrypt is mostly free and their upgrade fees are significantly lower which is $4.99 per year for the Basic and $6.99 for the Plus edition. The upgrades allow you to store unlimited information.

Personally, I think Apple should hasten their development of their own version of the facial recognition app. It’s one thing to win court rulings and it’s an entirely different matter to lose in their market share against competitors.

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