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If you still haven’t tried the newest promo of Smart mobile internet, I doubt you have queries on your mind that need to be answered.

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Here are the FAQs which I think you need to learn about this Smart P20 per day Unli! Access Promo.

Q: What is Unli! Access?
A: It’s an unlimited all-day data plan for specific Mobile sites listed in the SMART Mobile Internet Portal. For just P20/day per site, subscribers will be able to browse their chosen mobile site without additional charge for 24hours.

Q: How can I avail of Unli! Access?
A: Subscribers will need to go to either SMART Mobile site, m.smart.com.ph/dataplan, and register by clicking any of the sites with Unli! Access.

Q: Will I get charged if I disconnect within the 24 hours?
A: You will not be charged for as long as you are within the 24 hour limit, regardless of how many connects and disconnects. Just make sure you’re browsing within the subscribed mobile site.

Q: Will I get disconnected If I didn’t maintain P1 balance?
A: Yes. You should maintain a minimum balance of P1 throughout the period of your selected data plan. (FOr Prepaid Only)

Q: How much is the charge if I exceeded my alloted time?
A: Subscribers will be charged with another subscription fee of P20.

Q: Can I use the package on other transactions?
A: No. Until Access plans are exclusive only for mobile browsing transactions within the data plan’s respective mobile site. Services such as web access, voice, sms, downloads and partner streaming sites are not included.

Q: What will happen if reached zero load within subscription period?
A: Yes but Mobile Unli! Access rate of P20 will not be applied. Thus, regular charging of P10/20min will be used.

Q: Can I use other browser applications such as Opera for Unli! Access?
A: Yes. But Mobile Unli! Access rate of P20 per site will not be applied. Thus, regular charging of P10/30min will be used.

Q: If I saved mobile pages as bookmark and access it directly, how much will be its charge?
A: You will be charged with mobile Unli! Access subscription fee of P20.

Q: If my phone have built-in web applications with the same function as that of my preferred mobile site, how much will be it charge if I access it?
A: Service is limited only to mobile site browsing, thus; charging will still be on a default access rate of P10/30min.

Source: Smart Mobile Internet
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