Check Out These Finance Apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Check Out These Finance Apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

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These days, using smartphones like iPhone and Android phones also mean being more productive in one way or another, as when managing finances in mobile. And for Nokia Lumia users, this was also made possible with a selection of apps for easy budgeting, bill payments, market news and stocks updates, and more. The apps designed for the Windows Phone platform and work seamlessly with Nokia Lumia line of handsets, most of which are free, are now offered at the Windows Phone Store. For curious and excited Lumia users, you may want to check these apps, whose features are summarized below.

Finance Apps for Windows Phone 7, 7.5, and WP 8

Toshl Finance

This free tool is designed to assist users manage their income and expenses daily. Managing the family budget on a regular basis becomes easier with sufficient control on cash flows. Toshl helps users keep the balance of expenses and income in feasible proportions.

How about keeping a comparative history of cash ins and outs? This allows users to weigh and reconsider their cash flows. When traveling, Toshl can also help with currency conversion. And to ensure everything is private, users can create passcodes for money record safety.

My Expenses

This is a very functional budgeting tool that is more than mere finance recording and reporting. It also offers cloud support to back up any online transaction through Dropbox or SkyDrive. Easily create pie charts with My Expenses, too, to quickly see in a glimpse overall expenses and their shares in the budget and have the whole thing run on start screen through Live Tiles.

Lemon Wallet

Is tallying receipts getting too burdensome especially when using smartphones? Not anymore with the Lemon Wallet app. Simply scan receipts with the Lumia cam and the app will do all the tallying necessary. Here’s how it works: the scanning covers receipt details like merchant name, price, and date and puts them all in an apt category. It also allows manual data entry for generating expense reports.


This is a Microsoft app that delivers updated and real time stock market news. It comes with direct Bing feeds and gives a tailored or personalized list of your favorite stocks. A search box aids in finding other trading companies plus access to view the market cap, volume, and price and earnings ratios.

Markets and Me

Talking about the stock market and news on it, the Market and Me app provides stock players and market investors with quotes and logged data about stock performance and their overall holdings for a specific time. It is closely integrated with Google Finance and assists with currencies, markets and individual stocks using Live Tiles.


A new and exciting business app that provides analysis and opinions about economic spheres and the finance industry, Mint keeps track of the latest on world economy, world affairs, business trends, and other relevant matters. Mint also features travel, culture, and entertainment.

Piggy Bank

This amusing app is free and gives users a good idea of how much can be saved in a budget if impulse buying is taken out of the picture. Then, users can opt to have the app remind them to get their savings into their savings account. They can set goals of the sum of money they want to save realistically and Piggy Bank will provide savings updates and progress reports.

Credit Card Audit

To use credit wisely, this app will keep track of your credit transactions and show you your biling cycle. This way, no more surprises about how your credit card has been put to extra use unnecessarily.

Loan Calculator

This app provides quick and accurate estimates on loans to see how everything could go once the interplay of interests, expenses, payments, and remaining balance starts to roll. The user could then see beforehand what adjustments are needed or if the loan is worth taking risks with.

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