Firefox 3.5.1 Keeps Crashing

Firefox 3.5.1 Keeps Crashing

I’ve been experiencing stability issue with Firefox 3.5.1 three days ago.
Firefox 3.5.1 on crashing as I opened multiple tabs in a single window.
Since I had started using Firefox, I’ve been participating Firefox development through error-report submission to diagnose possible bugs. On the crash error report, Firefox suggested to close one website opened in a tab that might cause the problem. Following the suggestion did not fix the problem at all.

keeps Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 Crash ReporterWhen Firefox hit its billion download milestone, it has been reported that Firefox 3.5.2 Beta is already available for download to fix several bug issues. I am not really sure if crashing with multiple tabs opened is one of those issues. But I’m glad that after updating my browser to Firefox 3.5.2, I didn’t encounter such problem anymore.

If you are encountering the same problem, maybe you might consider downloading Firefox 3.5.2 too. You can update Firefox by selecting Help menu on the browser, and then select Check for Updates. Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 upgrade can be downloaded directly here: Upgrade Your Firefox

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  1. Databip

    I also encountered the same problem with my previous ff version. Thanks God it didn't last anymore since I upgrade the latest version. But I still have the other problem with my FF. When I open multiple tabs, one of tabs can suddenly switch into new window. Why does it happen? Thanks.

  2. Bert Padilla

    I haven't encountered such problem of yours… I don't think it's possible that an opened tab will just suddenly switch to a new window – unless you intentionally opened the link to a new window… You can actually change such feature of firefox… If you like opening all links in new tab, you can disable opening a new window by going to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ and creating a userchrome.css file with codes like this:
    /* Never show “Open in New Window” when right clicking */
    #context-openlink {display: none !important;}

  3. Steve

    I have noticed in the past few releases of Firefox that this once highly-stable browser crashes with regularity. Today, while watching YouTube, each time I clicked the Back button to return to the YouTube home page, Firefox would crash. I updated to 3.5.2 and it's stable again… Thanks for your tip, Bert.

  4. Bert Padilla

    Good for you, Steve. If it crashes again, I suggest you also update the plugin from YouTube such as plugin for Flash. Thanks for the comment…

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