Fix “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…” Error on iPhone 4S and iPad 2

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When jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in Windows using the GreenPois0n Absinthe tool, you might encounter an error in which your device is stuck on a page that says “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by…”. In some cases, this error may occur after you launched the Absinthe jailbreak right in your device at the latter part of the jailbreaking process.
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To fix this, just follow the steps below.

1. Restore your iPhone or iPad through iTunes (Make sure to backup data)
2. When prompted, setup your device as a new iPhone/iPad.
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3. Once done restoring your device, launch again the Absinthe application in your PC.
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4. Follow the Absinthe jailbreak guide as detailed here.
5. When the Absinthe application says that you’re almost done and tells you to unlock the screen and tap the “Jailbreak” icon to finish – DON’T DO that yet.
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Instead, just unlock the screen and go to Settings and turn the VPN “On” (Settings>General>Network>VPN).
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6. A VPN connection error will prompt, just tap OK and wait for few seconds until your device reboots.
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7. When your device rebooted, you’ll see the Cydia app installed and the Absinthe icon disappeared.
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8. Close the Absinthe application in your computer. And that’s it! You’re done!

This fix worked just fine both in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. As usual, do let us know in the comment section below how it goes with your own device.

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Spaulbooth

    I tried 9 times and my iPad 2 kept hanging at the “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by…”. I followed the instructions above and in less than 5 minutes the JB was done and working fine.

  2. Fsorath

    I tried this but my iPad wouldnt boot up after tapping ok on the VPN? Any idea. I’m running iOS 5.0.1

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      I encountered the same scenario on my first attempt, but that was when I just re-jailbreak the device without restoring it first. Did you restore your iPad 2 and set it up as a new device?

    2. Timour Omar Rashed

      like Cebu Tech Blogger pointed out, restoring your device to factory settings then setting up as a new device fixes the jailbreak. “Erase all content and settings” is not enough

  3. R247YAN


    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      It won’t reboot unless you restore your iPhone 4S. To restore your iPhone 4S, just plug it into your computer and fire up iTunes. Back up data first (Right-click your iPhone 4S under Devices on the left pane and select “Sync”) and then click “Restore” in the summary tab. 

    2. Timour Omar Rashed

      i was stuck for 3 days jailbreaking an iPad2 and finally solved it by doing a full restore to factory settings (shift button plus clicking the restore button in iTunes then selecting the corresponding ipsw) then set your idevice as a new device and run the jailbreak again. if you still have issues, contact me at tmrashed at gmail dot com

      1. Ekorad

        i simply do not have words… i started trying jailbreaking my ipad 2 2 weeks ago, and I COULDNT! YOU, SIMPLY… MAGICALY… MADE MY DAY!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILLY AND EVERYBODY FROM THIS BLOG!!!!

        1. Cebu Tech Blogger

          Will consider that as a compliment @f410f9acb2f93654ae8a333c553b87d5:disqus ! Thanks!

  4. David_hoo911

    i have reset my ipad2 wifi an re jailbreak, but my ipad just stay with absinthe setting up, please standa by,

      1. David_hoo911

        yes my wifi is turn on… i try with the CLI for windows and still not work…

        1. Cebu Tech Blogger

          CLI is more complicated to use… You said you’ve “reset” your iPad 2 — am confused if what you exactly mean is you’ve already “RESTORE” through iTunes?

          1. David_hoo911

            yyiiiiipiiieee my ipad was jailbreak after i restore through itunes… thanks you very much..

            1. Cebu Tech Blogger

              I told you… 🙂 Good to hear you got your iPad 2 jailbroken seamlessly this time… 

          2. JonJomate

            Thank you, this helped me too!

  5. Matheusfernandesster

    thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!

  6. Just AWESOME ! Thank’s Alpha-Dog !!
    After a LOT of hours (all night long), finally Worked (iPad2) !!
    I guess it’s a kind of “bug” happening with some people (like me !)
    The solution for those that “stucked” on that scren “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand-by…” and ALSO doenst work the VPN trick, follow Alpha-Dog tips:
    * RESTORE (manual FIRMWARE restore, not BACKUP restore), to do that, just configure as NEW device, so you’ll be able to Shift+Click on RESTORE option (iTunes)
    * Manual search the Firmware File (download first of course) and RESTORE
    * Configure the initial settings as NEW device, region, language and most important, the DATA Connection (Wireless/Mobile)
    * Run Absinthe (v0.3 or v.02 both works)
    * Plug Device
    * Wait All Process
    * On “Almost Done” (last screen), just Slide (Unlock) Device and Click “Absinthe” App
    Just This !
    BTW, you can now restore your last correct BACKUP at iTunes !

  7. paul

    ok ive been through every step,ive done a full reset on my ipad2,no programs nothing like new,updated to 5.0.1 tried the jailbreak and i just get stuck on
    ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by,ive tried installing on mac and windows same prob on both does anyone have any solutions 

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      You need to restore your iPad 2, not just full reset from the Settings app. Fire up iTunes, backup your data (Sync), and click Restore. You have to set your device as “New Device” as shown in the attached image below. 

      1. paul

        sorry i wasnt clear the first time as well as resetting the hole ipad2 i did a complete restore this is a new ipad2 setup network turn on wifistill nothing

      2. paul

        sorry i wasnt clear the first time as well as resetting the hole ipad2 i did a complete restore this is a new ipad2 setup network turn on wifistill nothing

  8. Renasaker

    Hi I have jailbroken my ipad 2 (3G+wifi) two weaks ago and everything is going great except the 3G is not working i am stuck on edge how can i fix this there is no toggle for 3G anymore just under network there is the vpn which cannot be set and the wifi …. Plz need help asap

  9. Ghaffar Salin

    is it normal to have it on “restore in Progress” for a long period of time?

    1. there are times that it took too long, but it won’t take longer than 20-30 mins… how long did it take for you? What device? 

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