Fixing Broken/Dead Internal Links in Blogger

Fixing Broken/Dead Internal Links in Blogger

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Today is the 4th day since the visitors traffic on this blog dropped.
Normally, this blog receives an average of 3,000-5,000 daily page views but after my previous domain expired – everything started to go wrong.

You might probably don’t understand what I’m talking about. Well, for those of you who just stumbled here for the first time- Cebu Tech Blogger blog first use the domain name Early August, visits from (old domain) are forwarded to (new domain). Few days after the transition were really a disaster. The traffic dropped, and some readers are getting 404 error pages. The problem was fixed though as some mistakes on redirection settings were identified, and this blog started to gain back the usual average daily hits.

Last week of August seems to be another mishap for this blog. It intermittently returns a 502 Bad Gateway error. I was able to figure out that the problem was just temporary and it was probably due to maintenance on servers. I was thinking that everything is really fine; however, another problem was noticed on this blog four days ago.

By looking at the screenshot above, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a big drop of visitors traffic. I suspected only one problem which I’m a bit sure is the sole reason why the traffic suddenly dropped. On August 27th, already expired and is now parked free at GoDaddy. I didn’t renew the domain, which means all the internal links on this blog, particularly those old posts using the old domain, are dead. When the visitors click on the internal links with the old domain, they are being redirected to GoDaddy. That’s basically the reason why the traffic drops.

The only solution I think to this problem so far is to manually edit the internal links, replacing all the links of those posts starting with the previous domain with the new domain. There are nearly 600 articles on this blog, which means I have to manually edit thousands of links. That will cost me a day or two to finish the tasks, and I think it’s not really practical. I didn’t find yet any other way (like a sort of plugin, particularly for Blogger or BlogSpot) to fix this. If you think of anything better, I’ll really appreciate if you share it here.

How about you, have you ever encountered similar scenario as mine?

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