Flappy Birds, the Latest Game Craze Everyone is Talking About

Flappy Birds, the Latest Game Craze Everyone is Talking About

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Move over, Candy Crush, as there’s a new game craze taking the whole world by storm, Flappy Bird. We tried it ourselves, and it is annoyingly addictive.


Developed by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen published under .GEARS Studio and is available for iOS and Android devices, Flappy Bird has a very simple objective. Fly endlessly without hitting the obstacles in the form of green pipes. All you have to do is tap the screen for the cute yellow bird fly, then tap again as it goes down for him to fly up again.

But, if you haven’t tried the game yet, take it from us: it is not as easy as it sounds!Ā It took us a good 15 minutes just to get a score of 3! The game is very simple, straight to point, it’s fun and it is infuriating. Passing through the obstacles is just plainly hard, as you need perfect timing and a steady thumb. Even a small, very quick wrong tap can end the game.

What makes us love the game more is that it reminds us so much of the classic Super Mario game with the clouds and the backdrop, as well as the pipes Mario and Luigi would go in to reach the underground levels. It’s like playing a whole new, classic-themed endless game while taking a trip down the Super Mario memory lane, except that there’s no Princess to rescue. šŸ™‚

Flappy Bird has also conquered Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram with posts about how people love and hate the game, as well as the scores they got from playing the game.

Tweets about Flappy Bird
Tweets about Flappy Bird
Facebook Posts on Flappy Bird
Facebook Posts on Flappy Bird

Even the Published Radio DJ and Events Host Gino Quillamor tweeted about the game, saying that “There’s no such thing as one last round when you’re playing flappy bird.” Well, it really is true, as we found ourselves playing the game over and over again, wanting to get a higher score.

Gino on FlappyBirds

What are your thoughts about Flappy Birds? Let us know by hitting us through the comment section below!


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