Foxfire Downloads – A Billion Milestone

Foxfire Downloads – A Billion Milestone

Ooops… It’s not Foxfire – its Firefox!
A friend shared his story while on our Sumilon tour last weekend about a certain customer he talked over a phone, as he was assisting him in troubleshooting his browser. The customer -maybe not a computer nerd- said that his browser keep on crashing as he opened multiple tabs. According to him, he tried downloading “MOZILLA FOXFIRE” that my friend tried to laugh utterly quite, because that was the first time his customer renamed Mozilla Firefox.

Well, I just started my post this way as it was a coincidence that after such happenstance, I learned from BBC news that Mozilla Firefox hit its billion download milestone. I don’t have the time to blog about this last night, so I decided to have a post tonight.
Firefox billion download milestoneFirefox hit its billionth download last Friday, July 31. The open-source browser was launched five years ago. The downloads count includes all versions since it was released in 2004. Firefox is dominating other browsers in the worldwide market with 30% market share over Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. But it is still trailing the Microsoft Operating System built-in browser, Internet Explorer – which has a share of almost two-third in the browser market worldwide.

The spread Firefox campaign show the real-time stats of Foxfire Download – I mean Mozilla Firefox Download.

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  1. Congrats to the open-source community! Mozilla Firefox was once a breakthrough in 2004 and hitting a billionth download was great… More power to firefox…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Leo… Me too, I'm using firefox most of the time… It's a user-friendly browser based on my experience…

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