Free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Review

Free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Review

Months ago, I got a free professional copy of ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall by Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
Check out this post to learn how I got a free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall. I’ve been using this for a month now, so it’s time for me to share with you my experience what’s inside this Free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall.
ZoneAlarm Pro FirewallPassword
ZoneAlarm Pro allows me to set a password to lock down security and parental control settings. This means that other users of my PC cannot change security or parental control settings without entering the correct password I set.

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Preferences Backup and Restore Security Settings
It’s critical changing some of the important security settings on a PC. Thus, ZoneAlarm Pro has an option that allows users to backup and restore security settings, just in case of any trouble.

Contact with ZoneAlarm
Whenever I request information from ZoneAlarm, I have an option of setting an alert with a pop-up before making a contact, I can also hide my IP address or hide the last octet of my IP address, lastly- I can share my security settings anonynously with ZoneAlarm.

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Having a Security Firewall is a great approach to prevent intrusions from a network you are in. I admit that Windows Firewall is still vulnerable to hackers and malicious software, thus using a third-party Security Firewall would double your chances of being protected. with ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, you can assign security level both for Trusted Zone and Internet Zone. You can also assign malicious networks to a zone called Blocked Zone where all communication is blocked.

Program Control
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Program Control Program Control has something to do with your outbound protection. Setting Program Control to “Low” means that Program control is in learning mode and OS Firewall is off. “Medium” and “High” Program Control settings means that all programs must ask for Internet access and server rights and OS Firewall will monitor for suspicious behaviours.

SmartDefense Advisor
SmartDefense Advisor will configure program access whenever advice is available. Basically, SmartDefense Advisor gives user a security advice on how to respond to Program alerts. It is important to know that Program Conrol is always set to Medium or High so that SmartDefense Advisor will be enabled. A Low Program Control setting makes SmartDefense Advisor off or disabled.

Automatic Lock
Automatic lock allows user to enable or disable Automatic Internet lock.

E-mail Protection
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Outbound MailSafe User has the option of setting the Outbound MailSafe Protection enabled or disabled. The Outbound MailSafe Protection alerts can be displayed when too many e-mails are sent at once, if a message has too many recepients, and if the sender’s address is not in the list created by the user.

Identity Protection
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Identity Protection With Identity data protection enabled, user identity data cannot leave from the PC without user’s knowledge. User can add information (e.g., Credit Card, eBay Password, Access Pin, etc.) to Identity Protection myVault which contains a list of items that user wants to be protected.

Alerts and Logs
Alert and logs displays data from security alerts (Firewall, OS Firewall, Program). Data include Rating, Date/Time, Type, Protocol, Program, Source IP, Destination IP, DNS, etc.

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