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Genius SP-i320 Portable Music Player: Handy Resonance in Style

Enjoy rich and resonant music anywhere with the all-in gadget: Genius SP-i320 Portable Music Player. No need for additional or other supporting playing devices. It has a plug-and-play functionality. So, simply plug and play the desired music through the USB port supported with the combined advanced features of a portable MP3 (PMP) player and a loud speaker.

Genius SP-i320 Portable Music Player

Control is simply sliding a knob for turning on or off the Genius, adjusting volume, or fiddling with functional keys to set music to the preferred acoustic balance, decibels, or music piece selection. There’s also a headphone portal for private and uninterrupted listening. The regular aux-in jack, or 3.5mm jack to be specific, enables easy connection for notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, iPods and music players, and other gadgets.

Link several SP-i320 handy speakers in a row through the Genius-Link. For power source, SP-i320 is fitted with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery good for an 8-hour non-stop playback. Marketed by MSI-ECS Phils. Inc., this MP3 portable music player comes in blue, firebrick, or olive colors and sells at P1,100.

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