Get Sharp with SH530U, SH631W, and SH930W AQUOS Android Phones!

Get Sharp with SH530U, SH631W, and SH930W AQUOS Android Phones!

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With marked gusto, Sharp announces its introduction to the Philippine market the first release of the super sleek SH930W Aquos phone this January 11, 2013. The grand presentation will coincide with Sharp’s anniversary celebration dubbed “Sharp Anniversary Share.” This will be held at the Ground floor of SM Mall of Asia (MOA) in Roxas Boulevard, Manila starting this Friday through the rest of the weekend.

Get Sharp with SH930W AQUOS Phone!

Sharp invites techie folks and smartphone enthusiasts, even those who are yet unfamiliar with Sharp phones, to get sharp in 2013. That means getting in vogue with the latest smartphone features encapsulated in the ultra thin 5-inch full HD Sharp SH930W AQUOS phone. Stylishly equipped with a front cam fitted with a 2-migapixel capacity plus a rear cam fitted with an 8-megapixel capacity, SH930W Aquos phones do what most hi-tech smartphones do, plus more!

Consider the amazing Corning Gorilla Glass screen which is anti-finger coated and scratch-proof. That spells clearer, more vivid images with your photos and recorded videos, not to mention recording them in full HD. Talk about getting sharp! And Sharp would like to exemplify sharpness in phone functions during its anniversary celebration at MOA.

Equally Sharp Phones: the SH530U and SH631W

Incidentally, Sharp Mobile Philippines came out in October 2012 with its flagship product, the SH53OU. Ultra thin like the SH930W, it’s a dual-sim phone and is actually a tablet and phone in one, or should I say a “Phablet”? Enjoy smooth navigation and superior function owing greatly to its unique FEEL UX function that makes everything about SH53OU user-friendly. Not techie yet hellbent on using trendy smartphones? This could be the right phone for you! Everything is made simpler for better enjoyment.

Sharp is also the proud maker of SH631W. This sleek and chic qHD phone combines elegance and superb performance. This phone is really an Android 4.0, an ICS phone using a 1GH CPU with dual core. With its posh quality it’s also the right gadget to show off in classy gatherings even right in the midst of aristocracy. However, it’s ideal as well for regular occasions even for daily use.

Enjoy the Feel of a Sharp!

Sharp is for quality and performance. So get sharp in 2013 by getting the latest in posh phone gadgetry. Sharp invites mobile phone aficionados to get the feel of a new Sharp phone. A demo booth will be set up at the MOA venue where units of the new models will be on display for testing, live. Get the feel of it and see how getting sharp in 2013 is for the discriminating in taste and style.

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  1. Eleazar Leyson

    Actually, i was really thinking of getting a new phone with bigger designs considering that I’m getting drag on reading articles and reviews now a days (including reading post updates from facebook as well). hehehe

    The current screen display of my phone no longer suffice my requirements.

    Looking forward for “unboxing” review on the phone.

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      You should get either a 4 or 5-incher phone. Let’s see if we can get review units of these phones and surely we’ll share what additional features it can offer.

  2. Jose Francisco Farrugia

    I wonder if they’ll be any local launch here in Cebu.

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      @josefarrugia:disqus: I’ll ask my contact from Sharp Mobile Philippines…

    2. Yes, we launched the product at SM Cebu city last Dec. 2012 and Sharp mobile is available at Aerofone, Memoxpress and Wellcom.

      1. Jose Francisco Farrugia

        Was there a media event or press launch? 🙂 I wasn’t aware of the event though I still see the stall setup at the Cyberzone.

      2. G2forme

        Hello guys, i just want to ask, regarding with the flash light in SH631W Sharp model. Does it only work as a flash for the camera and not for lighting while taking a video? Please help hehe. ….

  3. Paul Villacorta

    Hi Bert great article! last December I gave my wife a Sharp Smartphone SH53OU and it was stunningly great and an amazing smartphone. I was impressed with the battery life, the dual sim thing, the camera and its using the latest Andoid 4.0. It’s a smartphone that bridges iphone and galaxy sIII in my opinion, great processing never experienced lag. And yep.. here’s my “but” while trying to take a picture at night…. I noticed it doesn’t have a flash, but yeah i don’t even use flash.. thats it!

    Great article by the way!

    1. Cebu Tech Blogger

      Thanks for sharing your experience with a Sharp phone. I wish I could get a hand on one of these soon… 🙂

    2. G2forme

      Hello guys, i just want to ask, regarding with the flash light in SH631W Sharp model. Does it only work as a flash for the camera and not for lighting while taking a video? Please help hehe.

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