Let’s Say Hi to #GlobeiPhone5; Globe Telecom Nano-SIM Cards Available This Month!

Let’s Say Hi to #GlobeiPhone5; Globe Telecom Nano-SIM Cards Available This Month!

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Apple is set to launch the iPhone 5 next week, and though the excitement for the next generation iPhone gets hotter and hotter, the country’s pioneer telco in offering such device has also jumped on the bandwagon of the iPhone 5 hype. Yes, I’m talking about Globe Telecom who just announced yesterday that it’s going to offer the “revolutionary Nano-SIMs” in Globe stores beginning this month. And though Globe Telecom, in a blog post, just said that it has ordered as much as more Nano-SIMs than its regular SIM stocks” – in anticipation of high customer demand when smartphones using such type of SIM hit the market – it’s actually an indication that Globe is prepping for the land fall of the iPhone 5 on its warehouse very, very soon!

Why just iPhone 5, you ask? Well, so far I haven’t heard yet of any other smartphones featuring Nano-SIM, but back in July, it has been reported that several Apple partner-carriers in Europe are purportedly stockpiling Nano-SIM cards in preparation in time for the iPhone 5 launch. And yes, Globe Telecom isn’t the only telco amassing these tiny SIMs; but knowing Globe when it comes to making announcement about the iPhone – I would put all my cards on the table that the recent announcement has something to do with #GlobeiPhone5. And that complements to previous rumours that the Apple iPhone 5 will indeed feature Nano-SIM.

For the uninitiated, the Nano-SIM card is the smallest SIM card available to date. Measuring 12.3mm wide, 8.8mm high, and 0.67 mm thick, it’s 40% smaller than the Micro-SIM. The Nano-SIM form-factor is originally designed by Apple, and it’s the new standardized SIM card format for GSM, UMTS, and LTE supported devices – as approved by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI).

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