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Everything You Need to Know about Globe’s Project 1 Phone: A Call for Good

It goes without a doubt that cellphones, tablets, laptops and all the other gadgets we enjoy using on a daily basis makes our lives easier. But, these technological advances together with their batteries comes with an end of life, and if not disposed properly, they inflict a great harm to our environment. Globe Telecom, one of the country’s top telco company is making sure to do their own share in helping save mother nature with a social civic campaign called Globe Project 1 Phone: A Call for Good.


Globe designed the Project 1 Phone program to create awareness on proper e-waste disposal and to promote sustainability, embarking on the biggest and most ambitious mobile recycling program in the country.

“Globe is not only dedicated to growing its business but is also committed to addressing environmental concerns and promoting human health amidst the fast growth of this high tech industry” said Globe Corporate Communications’ Senior Vice President Yoly Crisanto in a press statement. “Being a communications provider, Globe takes responsibility in educating the people on how to dispose their old mobile devices and computers as well as end-of-life mobile battery packs and chargers in the best way possible” she added.


Yesterday, we were invited by Globe to a media event held at the Casa Verde restaurant near Fuente Osmeña to explain what Globe’s Project 1 Phone really is, headed by Mr. Bong Esguerra of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.


The Premise of the program is rather simple: by donating old, non-working, or damaged phones and tablets, mobile phone batteries, chargers and even personal computers considered as an “e-waste” to the campaign, Globe turns them over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste management facility to make them into reusable products which will be used to help fund the construction of school buildings in Aklan. At present, out of 11 school buildings, 5 are already under construction of the program’s Phase 1 — a Noah’s Ark type of classrooms doubling as evacuation centers during calamities, equipped with three toilet and bath facilities and a full functioning kitchen.


Aside from these devices classified as e-wastes, Globe subscribers can also support the campaign by either donating their rewards points, as well as donating via GCash. To donate via Rewards Points, simply key in DONATE<space>HABITAT<amount> and send it to 4438. For those donating via GCash, just type DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>MPIN<space>HABITAT and send it to 2882.

And to further encourage everyone to donate to Project 1 Phone, a monthly raffle draw will be held, and one lucky winner will get an Apple iPad Air. Each mobile device donation is equivalent to 1 entry. Registration is done via SMS, just simply key in RECYCLE code/name/age/city and send it to 2948. To make it easier for everyone to make their pledges and donations, all Globe stores across the nation serves as a drop off location.


To know more about Globe’s Project 1 Phone: A Call for Good, click here.



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