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Oh, Globe Telecom Website had a Facelift… And I liked it!

I was supposed to access my account at Globe Telecom website earlier today, and what surprised me was not the bill (yeah, I’m now a Globe subscriber too!) but the new makeover of the site.
Well, Globe Telecom’s corporate website has been revamped to look even cooler than before. See the screenshots below to spot the difference.


Above the fold, you will see a very simple design of the page. There’s less graphics, but that is not just simple as you think! Hover your mouse on the up and down arrows along the texts “I WANT”… There you see it; you won’t have to click the arrows to select what you want. The choices roll automatically. Now scroll down to the footer area to see the important links.

Is this worth a news? Well, it is… It’s even exceptional for frequent visitors of the site, I guess. And it’s even cooler to see its rival had a revamped and got more social, too. Smart had it first for Smartbro page, by the way.

Smartbro website gets more social

Do you like it? That’s a good move for both of you Philippines telcos. What ‘ya think?

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