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Globe Telecom’s Free Day Everyday Promo Offers Cebu Subscribers Free Trials and Big Discounts on Unli-Booster Products

Hail you there, Cebu Globe Postpaid subscribers! Globe Telecom is currently offering a new promo exclusively for Cebu-based subscribers. The promo is dubbed as Free Day Everyday which allows all Postpaid subscribers in the region to try out Globe’s wide range of Unli-Booster products, without any commitment. Globe’s Booster products complements with the telco’s bill cap in a way that subscribers could avoid overspending on their bills.

In a nutshell, Globe’s Free Day Everyday promo let’s subscribers avail either Free or Paid booster products, in which each availment of a product earns the subscriber “sticker”. The stickers then have to be collected and once a subscriber has collected at least 3 Free stickers and 3 Paid stickers – he / she shall be entitled to a Php 500 bill rebate. It’s just simple as that.

This promo isn’t completely free; however, it’s great to note that even though the other 3 stickers need to be paid – you still get a huge 50% discount for each product in duration of 2 months. For the complete mechanics and FAQs of this promo, please see the embedded document below.

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