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Google Finally Launches the Chrome Remote Desktop App for iOS!

There will always be that one time wherein you’ll find yourself away from home or work and you’d realize that you need remote access to your computer. Now remote computer access isn’t new —  there are a lot of softwares available for that, but would usually come with a price. Google on the other hand previously released their own take to this —  the Chrome Remote Desktop app, but was unavailable for iOS users, until yesterday.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Now available for both iPads and iPhones via the Apple App Store, the Chrome Remote Desktop app is rather very easy to set up. It took me less than just 5 minutes to set up on both my iPhone and my desktop, which actually works like a charm. With the Chrome Remote Desktop app fired up on your iPad or iPhone, you can remotely control your Mac or PC.

And by saying that you can remotely control your Mac or PC, it’s not just navigating through it. You can actually open apps, type, and even paint — well, painting will require extra effort though, but still possible.

Do note that using an iPad is more comfortable compared to an iPhone. Also, unlike the desktop version of the app, minimizing and maximizing apps do actually come off with lags, but, aside from that, the Chrome Remote Desktop app is just amazing — and best of all, it’s FREE.

Finally, we’ve decided to put up a little video Demo on how the app works. The embedded video below is a screen recording of an iPhone 5S remotely controlling a Windows 7 PC.

So what do you think? Go download the app now by firing up the App Store!

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  1. sylvester stallone sylvester stallone

    Additionally, you may try a R-HUB iOS app for web conferencing and remote support. It can be freely downloaded from Apple store.

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