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Handling Problems of Blog Commenting System

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Blog comments are an essential part of blogging. You are giving your readers the chance to speak according to what they’ve understand from your blog posts.
It helps you build with them a relationship virtually or even personally.
The posts then become more interesting as more and more people joined the conversation. Not until if the conversation is cut because of technical problems from your blog commenting system.

Two days ago, several blogs using Disqus were experiencing problems on their site. The comments were loading very slowly, including mine. I thought at first that all blogs using Disqus were affected. So, I checked the website just to confirm that my assumption was wrong.

Not all blogs around the world were experiencing the issue; only from random locations including India and the US. I confirmed it after having a conversation on Twitter with an Indian blogger who tweeted similar problem that caught my attention. The same thing with the Mashable, the image below shows that comments were really loading very slowly.

How to handle technical problems on your blog commenting system?

We are using different commenting systems on our individual blogs. My simple approach might not work for you, but I’m confident it will become easier to handle the situation if you learnt from someone’s experience.

1. Verify that everything on your site is working properly (coding, integration, etc.). When you encounter technical issues on your blog comments, make sure it has nothing to do with the integration process or the likes. Remember that the largest percentage of computer error is actually what we call the “human error”.

2. Research about the problem. There are many sources on the web where you can get relative information. Use Twitter, Facebook, or any other means of social media available for you. There’s a great chance that your problem will be resolved from those people you talked about the problem.

3. Contact the developer. We don’t have more controls to resolve the issues on blog comments. It’s better just to contact the service provider addressing them the issue you are encountering.

4. Find alternative ways. If possible, find other ways how you can moderate or reply to comments. Most of the services offered allow bloggers to moderate and reply the comments via email. That’s what I’m doing when someone left a comment that needs a reply.

5. Write a blog post about the issue. This is the best way of letting your readers that something is going wrong on your blog. Instead of leaving them puzzled about the comments, you might gain their sympathy.

That’s all I can share on handling problems with blog commenting system. How about you? Do you have any similar experience? Share your thought below. Disqus is now up and running.

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