HD Video Recorder: Flip Mino HD Video Portable Camcorder Review

HD Video Recorder: Flip Mino HD Video Portable Camcorder Review

Most of you are probably using camcorders such as the one from Canon, JVC, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and etc. But most of those camcorders might not be suitable for your mobility requirements particularly if you are looking for portable and lightweight, yet can produce high-definition videos. I have here my new 8GB Flip Mino HD portable camcorder, which I think worthy to share so you can also decide which portable camcorder is the best for your needs. If this is the first time you’ve heard about this gadget, I suggest you take a look first at the video below.

That was a pretty cool video, isn’t it? But sorry, I need to satisfy myself with my first impression of this gadget. I wish you, too. So here we go…

Unboxing Photos



The first time you open the box, you will see the device slotted on the inner box with the camera lens facing upward.

Just below the compartment is where additional accessories are placed, like the sling/wrist strap and pouch, as well as the manuals.

The Build and Functionalities

The first time I held the device, I can imagine as if I was just holding a feature phone since the dimensions (3.94” x 1.97” x 0.63”) fit with my palm. The device is lightweight even if it has the built-in rechargeable battery.

This version of Mino HD has a sleek-black surface made of plastic, with silvery color in the rear portion. The transflective TFT LCD screen measures 2 inches diagonally and supports a 320 x 240 resolution.

It has functional controls, buttons, or ports on every side. At the top, you will see the USB interface arm for the PC which can be flipped open by using the switch or USB latch on the left side of this gadget.


Through the USB port on your PC, you can plug the device in to access your video files and at the same time recharging the internal Li-ion battery.

This camcorder is plug and play-supported and works fine in Windows 7. Once detected, you can also browse the camcorder drive and install the FlipShare software on your PC. It’s also through the FlipShare software that you can take snapshots from the video.

On the right side, you will see the power button, the speaker airway, and a hook to poke the sling or wrist strap.


At the bottom is a HDMI mini port for sharing videos on HD screens and beside it is a Tripod mount so you can also attach tripod or any Flip Video accessory.

The microphone and recording light are hidden just beside the camera lens on the rear side of the device.

What you would be missing here though is an audio jack for private playback.

Using this portable camcorder is very easy; it doesn’t have many controls for you to use in recording videos. Everything is pretty basic and self-explanatory.

During the first time you hit the power button to turn the device on; the camcorder setup will automatically appear so you can set your preferred language, date and time, as well as toggling tones and recording light “on” and “off”. All of these can be set using the + and – or < and > buttons.

The red round button at the center of the controls is for video recording (start/stop). There’s also the play and delete buttons on either side of the + button.

What I don’t like with the touch buttons though, is it quite too sensitive for me.

Video Recording

The most important thing to consider with this portable camera is the video quality and performance. Flip Mino HD supports video resolution of 1280 x 720 at constant frame rate of 60 frames per second. Video format includes standard H.264 video compression and AAC compression for the audio. This device can record up to 2 hours of continuous video, utilizing the built-in wide-range stereo microphone and speakers.

Take a look at the sample videos below, taken early in the morning when I was off to work.

Though this is only next to a 1080p HD digital video recorder, Flip Mino HD would be a great choice when it comes to portability since it fits in your pocket and doesn’t need anything else to use; except when you are going to hook it up to a HD TV which requires you to have an interface cable.

Anyone here has this portable camcorder? What can you say about it?

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