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How to Detect Keylogger Program or Application

A Key logger is a program or application that basically records all the keystrokes from the keyboard and stores the “logs” for later retrieval.
Keylogger is usually keep hidden and you as a computer user will never know that someone is stalking.

You can actually detect keylogger manually, simply by checking the tasks running, running a regular antivirus check, scanning hard drive, running spyware like Spyware Doctor and Super Antispyware. But this is time-consuming and sometimes still compromises your PC.

The best thing to do is to download a specific keylogger detector program. There are some available programs that detect then remove or quarantine keyloggers, but it will cost you $15 to $50. If you want a free download, I suggest you use KL Detector.

KL Detector is free software that detects key loggers, but it doesn’t remove or quarantine the program. However, it still good enough for personal use. KL-Detector V1.3 works for Windows system, particularly Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You can download it here.

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