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How to Disable Firefox Automatic Updates

Just recently, the latest update of Firefox 3.0 version which is the Firefox 3.6 was released.
If you happened to download the latest Firefox version, then good for you. I know that you also like the new features, such as the Personas Themes.

But one thing you should also know on Firefox 3.6 or any earlier versions, is that the Automatic Update was pre-enabled. This is good actually since you are getting the latest updates. However, there are chances in which you may be experiencing a very slow internet connection. This happens mostly on cases wherein Firefox is downloading a lot of updates. To avoid this, you have to disable Firefox automatic updates. To do that, simply follow this very simple steps:

Firefox Automatic Updates
1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu.
2. Click ‘Options’.
3. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.
4. You will see four sub-tabs, simply click on ‘Update’.
5. Uncheck Automatically check updates to: Firefox, Add-ons, Search Engines
6. Click OK.

You might also need to select ‘Ask me what I want to do’ radio button under ‘When updates to Firefox are found:’. So, every time there’s an update available- you’ll be asked first before downloading the the file.

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