How to Extend Windows 7 Trial Period

How to extend Windows 7 30-day trial period to another 30 days? Or how to extend Windows 7 trial version to full 120 days?

Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) free download will end today. What you can get after Microsoft put down the RC download is just a 30-day trial version of Windows 7. This means that you only have 30 days to evaluate Windows 7 features and performance which actually not degraded or defaced during trial period. Thus, what you are evaluating is the same operating system features and performances which scheduled to be released on Oct. 22.

30-day trial period is actually too short. Maybe it would take for you more than 30 days of evaluating Windows 7. So what is your idea? Extending Windows 7 trial period to another month- or another two months, or even another three months! Fortunately, you can extend Windows 7 trial period using Microsoft-supplied utility – the Software License Manager (slmgr). This is a tool ships with Windows 7.

When the trial period gets perilously close to zero, you have the option of running Windows 7 for another 30 days. To do it, simply follow this instruction:

1. click on the Start Menu, All Programs, and Accessories.
2. Right-click on Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
3. On the command prompt, Type slmgr -rearm and press Enter.

Take note on the space between slmgr and a hyphen before rearm.

4. Restart Windows 7.


Your Windows 7 activation grace period will then be reset to another full 30 days. You can do this “-rearm” up to three times – thus, doing this at the end of every 30-day period will end you up with 120 days of full unrestrained Windows 7. If you don’t know how to monitor the remaining trial period, you can see it on the Properties window of your system “My Computer”.

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  1. Hey, I'm back. I am an avid Windows XP user. I am planning of installing Windows 7 RC, but I am worried of encountering problems in my system since I don't have extra hard drive to use. I am going to install RC on my current PC.

  2. I suggest you backup your files before you install Windows 7… Part of the disclaimer of Microsoft is not to install Windows 7 in your current PC. Though they are confident that Windows 7 RC is already stable, but they advise installing it in a new hard drive.

    Thanks for dropping back here, Brylle…

  3. This trick is great! I am using now the Windows 7 RC and it's bit different from Vista. I will use -rearm command in extending my friends' Windows 7 trial versions…

  4. Fresh Gadget, that's great! I hope I can also have my copy of the Windows 7 RC. It's disappointing on my part that while I was downloading it on the very last day and left it when I went to work, my download is incomplete and the file extension of my download categorize it as DLM file… I am still looking for a solution as of today… Bdw, thanks for the comment…

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